ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Starting Over


I don'twant to do it. Start over again, that is, as far as my web site is concerned. It's already too much work and takes up most of my day, seven days a week.

   I had an expert appraisal of my site done this week, and I have been beside my self to work on it at all after reading the report. The verdict is in, lots of great content on the site (I knew that)...home page too busy (I didn't think so)... landing page, has not enough content for search engines to rank it higher (I knew that). Because I am selling my ebooks on this site, I need to make the site look more professional. People do judge the books by the cover. So if my site looks like it was done professionally, then people will tend to believe I am a professional, which of course I believe "I am."

   Of course I know they are correct. I know that much about marketing. The whole idea though just goes against my intensions. I really didn't want a professional feel to the site. I don't even overdo the spelling and grammar corrections. I wanted the site to look as though it was written by a real person..."that would be me." When it comes to spirituality it is not weighed by a PHD or a flunk in kindergarten. It is both, it's about life in all it's probabilities. A PHD does not carry any weight in the process of being enlightened. In fact some scholars are so far right, that it will take them many life times to get back to the middle.

   As far as I am concerned, there is no prerequisite to being spiritual, or enlightened. It can come in an instant to anyone and everybody is an expert on their own belief system, and has something valuable to offer the rest of us.

   So for the last few days I have been lamenting on whether to change the format of the site or not. It's a huge job and I keep asking myself, why, why, why? The original idea of the site was to be used as a forum to air my own views on spirituality without having to suffer the approval or censorship of others. Now I'm considering it, because in the long run, it will be easier for others to navigate...the comments I am getting suggest that people appreciate what I have to say. It's only the theme and some re-organizing. I will not budge on the content at this time except to add more. At least the experts agree with me, the content is very good. What I really need is an assistant that is willing to work for no pay and some recognition.

   In the mean time enjoy the site, I will leave just enough speling misteaks, and poor grammar so that you will know it's a human that is doing it all, and it ain't no dam machine.

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