ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter



The simplest thing that I could write about simplicity is nothing. Then I would have said it all.

   The most beautiful thing about spirituality, is itís inherent simplicity. Thatís the thing I most love about New Age Wisdom, and philosophies such as Buddhism. Itís the obvious, that is the hardest to recognize.

   Nothing is everything!

   Mankind is a remarkable piece of work. The silent observer must role over in pain from laughing so hard as we go about our daily lives of making things so difficult and complicated.

   Past our basic needs of food and shelter, everything else falls apart as we continually try to reinvent ourselves. Nevertheless, itís what live is all about, experience. We are not here to learn anything, but to simply experience all that life has to offer.

   Man has moved so far past himself that he forgets that he is already successful. That he already has the knowledge of the universe within himself. There is no place for him to go. There is nothing to look for. There is no great secret.

   Mankind surrounds himself daily with symbols that attest to his evolvement with success. Symbols are important to the ego, because they come from the physical world. They remind the ego that it is alive. It conceives the symbols through the five senses and the senses are physical. Ego is fragile and symbols are grounding objects that holds it together. The more we try to collect symbols for the ego, the more complicated our lives get. The harder we have to work in order to create these symbols. We also move farther away from the other parts of ourselves, spirit and mind.

   Simplicity is the fastest way of getting what we desire. Itís also the most difficult thing for humanity to accept. To believe that we can have anything that we desire simply by knowing that we have it, is far too simply, and the thought of such a thing is easily dismissed. In our culture we have been taught that we have to work for what we want. This particular notion is really earthly and is manís creation. It is not the law of the universe. The simplest way to have what you want is through the process, thought-word-deed.

   The thought comes up, Iím going into town, Iím in a rush and donít have time to look for a parking space in front of the office. Simplicity would dictate that, just go to town, when you get there the spot will be there for you. This is in fact is how it really works.

   Life has taught us different. This experience has happened to all of us, or something similar, so we know that it works. Humanity would say that it was coincidence and write it off. The law (universe) says this is how it shall be. It is our thoughts that come up with a million variations of what we want, that gets in the way of getting the parking spot.

   It would be similar to telling a friend to go to the store for you to pick up an item. Itís straight forward, your friend knows exactly what you want, you made it clear. Then you decide to call that person on the cell awhile later, tell them what store they should go to, how to get there, the name brand of the product, the size and colour etcÖthen phoning him/her back and verifying it and so on and so on and maybe even changing the colour or size.

   Itís creating confusion and anxiety, especially when you call them back and tell them that you changed your mind and you donít want itÖthey are already on the way to your place with the item in the back seat. This kind of manifesting happens thousands of times a day with each and every one of use. Every thought must manifest physically at some level of awareness. If you donít get what you desire, it really is because you are not in touch with what it is you want and you are confusing the process.

   Think clearly about what you want and stay with it. You will have a much greater chance of getting it. With practice you will always get it. Creating things physically is what we all do, itís our nature.

   Do not go looking for your glasses when they are already in front of your nose!

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