ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter




For the next while the catch phrase for me is going to be "holistic." From the Collins English Dictionary: Holism...the treatment of any subject as a whole integrated system. A methodological theses holding that the significance of the parts can only be understood in terms of their contribution to the significance of the whole and that the latter must therefore be epistemologically prior.

   Understand? It has only been recently that I have gained much of an understanding or what that means in terms of my own life. As for my own body and health, I am just plain lazy. I'm slightly overweight and no longer physically fit. My lifestyle reflects this physical manifestation. So does my career and my bank account. I am turning this all around now, simply by thinking about it.

   It's not that I'm lazy, I have other priorities. For the last few years I have been working at a day job and coming home to spend another 6-8 hours writing, reading and managing this web site. I detest exercise. I belonged to a gym for 18 years and went 2-3 times a week. I didn't like it very much, although the racquetball was fun. Golf and nature walking is about my speed. I like to take in the scenery and other things.

   I have discovered that holism takes in all my life, as mentioned in the first paragraph. I have always related it to health issues. However I never get sick. I am in control of that. I have an understanding with the universe and God that I simply am not allowed to get sick. I have never considered how holism might be applied to the rest of my life. It is a natural for me and my lifestyle. In my quest to make everything simple and functional (model after the Dutch) I have experimented with being whole. In my very short affirmation that I repeat each morning and evening "I am holistic," I have included everything. From my obscure bank account to my relationships and my health.

   It takes just as much energy or thought process to manifest a quarter as it does a million dollars. So why am I wasting my time manifesting every single little thing in my life, individually. I can to it all holistically with a push of one button or one affirmation, "I am holistic." Ya, know what? It's working, everything is starting to fall into place. I don't look for changes, I notice them. I am aware of what I want to accomplish, and I notice that I am doing it. Have I discovered a great secret or what. For several months now as I am allowing things to work without my help, I have noticed than I am getting what I desire. I am happier and healthier. I make choices that reflect my new awareness and I see the results.

   This is something that anyone can do. Do it all at once. Simply your life, take not action to change anything except, one tiny, easy and affordable step. Change your thoughts about your life and know that everything in your life will work out the way you image it will, and repeat to yourself that "I am holistic." I can't make it any more simply for you than that. It works, and you will notice that it will. But do not look for it, you will not see it. (This is a great secret).

   So you can expect to see the word "holistic," used often on my site. I will be writing articles about my experiences being a holistic person, a perfect holistic manifestor.

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