ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Manifesting Effectively


Getting what you want out of life, is a thought process we call manifesting or creating. It's the same thought process, we use to create in our lives, abundance, personal or business relationships as well as anything else we desire. After years of studying the process of manifesting and writing about it, I have come to this conclusion...the process of manifesting, itself is very simple, letting go of our need to control it, is mankind's greatest challenge and is really the only thing that gets in his way of having everything that he desires.
I use the term desire rather than want for a very good reason. In truth we never get what we want. The very act of wanting something says that we don't have it, and it is that which we get back from the source, an experience of wanting or not having.

   The awareness of need for manifestation comes up in our wakened consciousness, when there is a desire or need brought to the surface. We are made aware of our hunger when we feel the pain, or the clock nears a meal time. We are reminded that we need money, when we receive the bill in the mail. We become aware of need to increase our productivity, when we are presented with a low pay cheque that doesn't meet our expenditures.

   How do we manifest the things that we need or desire? In the spiritual sense, all our needs are provided for, and in nature, they are provided for naturally.

   Our health and bodily functions are on auto pilot and are taken care of internally by a build-in consciousness. Our basic human needs are regulated from a lower level of consciousness and we seldom think about them.
Our desires and wants come from the ego, at a higher state of awareness. However the fulfillment of both needs and desires come from the same place. Individually and collectively, mankind have created a system in the physical world of supply and demand that takes care of the food and shelter requirements. We are left to our own resources to create or manifest fulfillment of our desires, physically and emotionally.

   The process of manifesting is a three step process...thought, word, and deed. First we are made aware of a desire (thought), I want more money! Then we declare (word) that we are going to do something that will bring us more money. And lastly we do it (deed).

   So, what is the difference between having our needs met and fulfilling our desires? The big stumbling block to having our desires met, is our thought process. The very thing (thought) that causes us to be made aware of a desire, is the thing that gets in our way of having it. It's our own individuality or thought process about a thing that limits us in the acquisition of that thing. Because the choices are endless, and the ways are many, often we sabotage the process and the result is "trying." We spend more time trying to get what we want and less time actually getting it.

   So how do we spend less time getting what we want? Why do we try, try, and try again only to end up trying? Within the last sentence, the answer is obvious. Stop trying! The fastest and most effective way to get what you want is to stop trying to get it. The quickest way to have what you desire, is to already know that you have it.

   Let go of control. Stop trying. Let the system work! Give in to the system. I'm not saying to quit, but just get the hell out of the way and let it happen. It is your thought process that is confusing everything. It is the changing of your mind about how you are going to get what you want, that confuses the process. The process may start of in one direction, only to have your thoughts change about it and then so does the process. The process gets all screwed up, heading in different directions, slowing down and then finally stopping.

   Think clearly about what you desire. For instance, you may think that you have a desire for lots of money...but is it a real desire for freedom that you want. Lots of money may entrap you, not set you free. You have heard it before, "be careful what you ask for, you may get it." You must get to the root of your desire in order to manifest effectively.

   A very dear author friend of mine that is into lots of ritualism stuff, and uses marijuana, got caught giving it away. She will be spending three months in jail for it. She has been complaining for some time about not having time for herself. She works hard and resents it. Yet she never takes time off. She has been waiting for something to happen, for some circumstance that would make it happen. She is getting what she desired, but not in the way that she might have expected. That part was left open. It's being forced upon her now, because she wasn't very clear about what she wanted somewhere along the way. Be specific, have a clear picture in your mind and be purposeful in your desire to get it. Don't change your mind once the process has started, you may be surprised as my friend was. Then forget about it. Don't try to make it happen. Simply start noticing the changes around you, without making any judgments. Notice new choices that are coming your way. Choose wisely and you shall have what you desire. There is no one else in control of this process, only you. It is your thoughts that are manifesting into physical reality. If you don't believe that, then you give up the power to make it happen, and more times than not, you desire will not be fulfilled.

   You will always get what you desire. If you do not, or not in the way that you would expect, it's because you were unsure of your thoughts and the inner interpretation was different than your conscious one.
Thought is always made manifest at some level. Thoughts always become physical, although for most of your thoughts, you would not be aware of it. Thoughts that are purposeful, focused and well thought out will come into your awareness. It's the law of the universe, it's how it works.

   My point is to let go, let it happen, give up control and watch your magic happen.
The bottom line is...if you do not get what you desire, it's because its not really a desire.

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