ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Get Real  


In the years that I have been studying and writing about New Age Spirituality, one of the things that stands out most, is the others that are writing  articles, books, ebooks, magazines or ezines do not market very well, and turn potential readers away.

    The thing that is most annoying to me when I read what some of these authors have written is the language they use. Many of them have  great inspiration messages. The messages are well intended and are valid. I believe they all shoot themselves in the foot, with either their title or the opening page, that is written in archaic Christian based language.

   When I started  reading New Age, after years of Christianity, one of the things I wanted to leave behind was the language. I wanted to get real. I wanted to read about something that would work for me, in plain language, without all the Bogus religious garbly goop. And without having to suffer someone else's interpretation of enlightenment, right or wrong, good and bad...the Bible and other holy texts, that were written for a generation long past extinction.

   Is it that hard to move away from "Cleanse Your Heart," to "Get Real," as a title for an article or book. Which one would probably get the most readers past the title? What kind of a reader are you going to attract with "Cleanse Your Heart? With one of the most diverse languages in the world, can we not come up with something better? Do we have to use this language to be holy…and why would we want to be holy? Does being holy make us real? Does using religious language get us there?

   If you want to reach the masses, why not talk to them in their language? Religious language is not God's language. God's language is your language. There are  many who still use this  language to try and get "New Age" across to their readers. The language has ties to Christianity as do the writers. However, it is a dead give away, and is a signal for all,  that the writer still has strong connections and hasn't let go. Again I ask  who are they reaching?  As a writer for those that have moved on, the language is a huge barrier that separates writer from reader. New Age is a radical step forward. It does not have to be validated with religious terms. It does not have to be justified in that way.

   All of us deserve to be heard. All of us have a book inside us. All of us have a message for the world. But if you want to reach someone, you must talk to them in their language. If you are writing for the members of your inner circle, it will be small, but they will understand you. If you want to reach out, you must "get real." It's such a simple and well played out lesson. If you want to give me your ideas, talk to my in my language. The "cleanse my heart thingy," will not get me there. Surely you must understand by the description "New Age" that these are "new people," that have moved away from Christianity and other religions, looking for something else that will work for them. They have come to New Age, to learn something new. "New," is the operative word here folks.

   I am not suggesting for a moment that Christians and any others do not have something important to say. I support all religions and faiths. Religions are symbolic or sign posts of ones present enlightenment. I am saying if you have moved out of the box and want to share what you know... when in Rome (do what the Romans do). You are not going to win me over, with "Cleanse my Heart."

   If you are trying to tell me that I will find a honest loving relationship, a job, money and all the things that I want, by being true to got a real good shot at winning me over. Why don't you just say that?

   On the flip side, if I tell you that you have your "Fck'n head up your ass," the chances of you listening to me or reading further is rather slim. If you listen, that is exactly what the kids are telling you. The new generation that is ripe for New Age, is telling you just that. Get you head out of your ass and start talking real. They want to communicate, they want to learn, they are interested in what you have to say, they can not understand you, because you are just totally "unreal," you are not getting your message across.

   God communicates in all languages. It's time to "Get with the Program." It's time for all of us to "Cleanse our Hearts", or "Get Real," and find out what hasn't worked in the past and change it. We have to let go of things that do not work and move on. Start with the language, start communicating. The new generation is great at making new language. They can also see what hasn't worked or is not working for those that would teach them. They are trying to drown you out, because you speak in bogus terms. They can see your hypocrisy. Their language, is symbolic of the desire they have to be able to communicate with themselves at your exclusion. Do you really believe that if they could see any value in what you have to say that they would not want to hear. "Get Real," and you will have a real audience.

   Having said this, if you, as a writer are not getting people to read your material, not getting qualified traffic to your site, then look at what you are doing. It may not have anything to do with what you have to say, but how you are saying it. We all communicate in our own unique way. If, what you write reaches  just one person, and that person has understood what you had to say, even if that person was yourself, you have done well. If you can't change the language. Then expect to become well known in your own circle. Do me a favor, dump the "cleanse your heart" thing and say to me "purge your thought process" or "Get Real." Maybe you will have a chance.

   I must confess that I write for myself. I like to see my words on the page. Writing is an exercise for me, because it brings me closer to my thoughts. It helps me to organize them. I strongly believe in what I write about. I am a student of my own thought process. If you have been following my writing, there have been many changes. I have moved more closely to a position of getting real. I am more than anything, a "bottom line," person. Let's cut to the chase and get on with it. I move away to fast for myself and other people that are trying to follow me. I often look back at what I have written and wonder who wrote it. Some of it is very immature, and some too advanced. Some material that I write today I will look back on tomorrow and say, well I have moved away past that now.

    Because I write for myself, I could leave all of this in a file, it's value would already have been served. I put these articles and my ebooks on the web, so that others may benefit by them. I would like to be noble and say that I am selfless and I am doing it for the masses, but that is not true. I believe that for every article or book I have written, there is someone that will read it and get something personal out of it.

   Getting real, is a conscientious effort, not to hide behind the wording, and just say what's on your mind, no matter what the consequences, and, in easy to read, simple language. There is nothing right or wrong about "Cleanse your Heart" or "Getting Real." It's ones honest intent for writing it that works or does not work for the author. If one is "pure at heart," (REAL) they are always "getting with it." If you want to communicate that to others, talk their language.

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