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Time Does Not Exist


(The message below was left on my comments page this week)

Just a moment please... I need your help. I am stuck up with the following question. I am not finding any one to solve it. May be you can answer it. Can you define Time interval of present (time)? Is it really existing? I tried to explain it as under: How exactly we can draw the boundaries between past, present and future is not so simple since any minute present time dimension can be further sliced to still smaller segments of past, present and future. That is, any present hour of time is a representation of present minute along with 59 minutes from past and future. And similar is the case with a minute or a second and so on. In a broader sense, we don't have any present that can be represented by certain time period. It seems to be non existent. If it appears to be non-existent, where do we stand? Do we live in past, as the future is just a guess? We can change our destination only by acting in the present as we can't go back in the past to re-do any wrong act. Also, we can't jump to future to make advance corrections. If we are really interested to change our destination we will need to act within the present time frame (of zero dimension !) . Mostly we are wasting our energy in trying to swim in a wrong direction.  It gives a hint that we don't have any time to act independently by using our thinking system Under the non-existent state of present, the nature need not develop any thinking system for the living bodies. Nature never produces useless technologies. Nature always follows the shortest and the simplest path to accomplish any task. If we don't have any thinking system, our brain may be acting just like other glands, mostly to produce unique fluids required to sustain our sensing system.  I know that most of the people will not accept my logic, as no body will wish to loose the prestige of being called educated and intelligent; that is, without a thinking system. We are spending unaccountable money on research in attempting to understand the mystery of our thinking system. We are trying to find something by attempting to use the same thing, which may not be existing. If we can accept that we don't have a thinking system within the hard shell of our skull, we can support the presence of spirit and the super thinking system that may be prevailing all over the universe, and that only may be responsible for all the activities. So, do we have any scope to act against His wishes !


   My Reply: (Opinion)

   There are two questions

1.     Can you define Time interval of present (time)?

2.     Is it really existing.

   I can answer both questions with the same answer...No! The reason for the no answer to both questions, is because time does not exist. Time only exists in the illusion of the physical world, and because the physical world does not exist, neither does time.

   My apologies to the submitter, because I believe some of what I am going to write about, he already knows. But I am writing this so that others may understand as well.

   Time is a measurement between point  A and point B. The distance between them is measured in time. It takes a car for instance, travelling at 60 mph, one minute to travel between these points, which are spaced 1 mile apart. The time is one minute. All the space between A and B can be broken up into as many intervals as you desire.  Time between intervals can take a lifetime to travel, depending on your relationship to them. The space between atoms can seem like a trip to one of our stars, if your relationship to them is much smaller.

   Point A and point B both exist in the same time and space and so do all the intervals in between. When you have reached point B, point A still exists. Past and present exist simultaneously in the same space and time.

   The problem with trying to explain time and space is, it doesn't exist. There is only one interval, that is now. You can only try to explain time through dualistic reasoning, and it doesn't work. It leads in circles.

   In reality there is only on consciousness in the universe, and it is omnipresent. It is everywhere at the same time, so distance has no relevancy to it and communication is instant, so there is nothing to measure.

  The empty space between atoms, is the consciousness that gives form to all life. It is the matrix within which the atoms are formed into molecules and then into physicality.

   Lets take a picture of water with four ice cubes in it. The ice cubes are floating in the water. The ice cubes are the water. The water is the matrix. The surface of each ice cube is in flux, that is, it is moving and blending with the water. There is no separation between the ice cube the water or the other ice cubes, because they are made of the same material as the matrix, which is the water. They float within themselves. The illusion is that there is separation between them, and that separation can be measured only within the illusion. But the fact is it is all water. It is one, there is nothing else, and nothing to measure.

   Symbolically, the water is consciousness without form. The ice cubes are the water individualized as different shapes. None being exactly has the other. The cubes give definition to the water and each other, as does the water to the ice cubes. They are the same, they only appear to be separated. This illusion only happens from a different point of reference and that would be as the ice cube floating within itself. In order for the water to give itself definition, it would create ice cubes from it's own body and within it's own body (because there is nothing else), and give memory to the ice cubes. The memory would give the illusion of separation and distance...time and space.

   The brain is not our mind. The brain is simply a processor. Data and memory are held somewhere else. Our mind exists within and around the entire body. It lies within the space between the molecules.  We have definition as does the ice cubes. We have the appearance of individuality as does the ice cubes, we have the illusion of separation as does the ice cubes. But we all exist within the matrix or the body of consciousness as the ice cubes to the water. There is only one mind, one consciousness. But the consciousness has given itself definition by creating individualized pieces of itself. There is only one memory, one consciousness. It's all common knowledge, within protective parameters to protect and preserve the illusion.

   The illusion of individuality is maintained in order to give consciousness definition.

   Past, present and future exists simultaneously because it is an illusion. All possibilities exist at the same time. Memory is used to return to the past in order to change the future. You can travel into the future, by visiting the past. You project your thoughts into the future to envision it, then return to the past to re-create it.

   Your memory is creative, because it never returns the same experience. If you want to change the past, you can, by remembering it differently. You can prove this. Create a situation in your experience now. Write down all the details that you are experiencing immediately following the experience, try not to leave anything out. Put these notes away and don't look at them for a year. Forget about your experience and do not rehearse. Mark a calendar into intervals of 3 months. At the end of each interval make it a point to remember the experience and write down the details as you remember them. After one year has passed, open up your journals and compare notes. You won't believe your eyes. Your present experience of a past event will not be the same, you will have effectively changed your future and your present by changing your past.

   This in know way means, that the original circumstances were not experienced.  It was the same consciousness that was present in the past and future. All possibilities exist at the same time, we simple choose which ones we want to experience. In fact because there is only one consciousness, all possibilities have been chosen and experienced by the one consciousness that has created them. Individually we are protected or insulated from the ones we did not choose.

   Time can not be fully understood, because it doesn't exist. All thoughts of time lead back to the realization that there is only one consciousness and it is eternal.

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