ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


What's With The Number Eleven Thingy

I purchased my first digital watch back in 1978. it was like a perpetual flashlight, it lit up the whole room. Back in those days digital watches had LED displays. Brilliant red, you couldn't miss it. Something became obvious in the first few days that I wore it.

   The number eleven kept showing up. It took awhile for me to notice. But after a few days, many times when I looked at the watch, it was eleven after the hour. This went on for months and then years. I would tell people about my experience and they would tell be that it was my imagination or I had trained myself to look at the watch at 11 minutes after the hour.

   After awhile it became annoying. I then started to think that it may be a good luck symbol. So I started buying lottery tickets with the number eleven on them. That didn't work, so I started buying tickets with the number 11, bought on the eleventh month, the eleventh day, hour and minutes. Nothing happened. In fact nothing good or bad happened. The number was just there, when I would look at my watch. I saw it on other clocks and equipment with digital displays as well.

   A psychic was kind enough to say that it was a reminder that I was lucky. Hm...m..m... It didn't bring luck. It was just annoying. After almost 26 years of telling people my story and getting no answers... four years ago, I put the digital watch away and bought an analog watch. That solved part of the problem, but I would still see elevens on other clocks. I got used to it and ignored it for the most part. Over the years I met the occasional person that said they consistently saw other numbers show up on their watches... no one had explanations. I am sure some thought that I had a serious problem.

   It's a daily habit for me, to search the web for suitable web site partners. Five days ago I came across a site, during a search. This site had nothing in it's URL that would have given it away, but as I reviewed the sight, years of ignorance ended with the discovery of the secret to 11:11. According to this site and many submitters, the number 11 is a coded wake up call for Light Workers. It all hit me as a revelation. I came head to head with my purpose in life. Others are sharing my experience and have found similar changes in their lives, since being awakened.

   I told my room mate about the site and let her read some of the articles I had down loaded. The next day both of us have a a surge in energy but felt sickly. The day embodied us with a strange sensation, as though having just come out of a coma. At work this week I had an overall increase in productivity. I have broken all sales records for myself in the last 3 days. With an incredible 100% closing ratio at my job and I'm not trying very hard. My room mate has increased her leads with little effort and has had her best week. We have been kind of, out of body, it's just happening for us, right now.

   I have tried not to watch the clocks. I still don't ware my digital. Last night my partner woke up screaming at 2:33 am. I escorted her to the bathroom. We went back to bed. She rolled over and a few minutes later said good night. I looked at the clock, it was 2:55 am. I tossed and turned for awhile then finally settle down. I glanced up at the clock and it was 3:00. All double digits, if you haven't caught on yet. I almost went to sleep. This time I cheated and looked at the clock, it was 3:10, I waited, 3 seconds later it changed to 3:11.

    I was still having trouble getting to sleep. The last time I remember looking at the clock it was 3:26am, the numbers added together, add up to 11.

   For those of you who have experienced this phenomenon, please contact me using my contact form and I will give you the URL to a wonderful site that gives some explanations and submissions from others who are experiencing the same things. From there you will be able to surf to other sights. There are literally thousands of people who have been given this wake up call. You may be a Light Worker and not know it. This may well be your destiny.

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