ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Dreams in Spiritual Terms


Jan 2002

I have not concerned myself with the definition of dreams in this article. We all know that we and everyone else have them. My main focus here is what the dreams have to do with spirituality or vice-versa.

   Over a period of two months I faithfully recorded my dreams every day. I slept with a notebook under my pillow and a map light close by. Several times in the night I would wake up and quickly write down what I remembered. I tried the exercise of drinking lots of water before I went to sleep as to facilitate waking up to go to the washroom. Soon, I found that waking up all the time was interfering with my sleep and I felt like I wasn’t getting enough rest. I only recorded the dreams when I woke up in the morning. This also didn’t prove satisfactory, as I wasn’t getting enough information. I kept it up and compiled some pretty good dream experiences.

   Through all of these actions, I did get enough information to reveal some patterns. Over several days I would have similar dreams that showed a pattern. Sometimes these dreams would come on different nights over a longer period. Interpreting the dreams wasn’t easy, but for the short period of time I recorded, I began to get an insight into my subconscious.  I haven’t done any recording for months, I will again, it is really fascinating.

   Edgar Cayce said that regular recording of dreams has been a rich source of previous life information for many who have pursued this approach. In the Edgar Cayce readings he suggests that, dreams portray mental, physical or spiritual natures. Because we are spirits and because psychic is of the spirit, dreams may deal with all manners of psychic manifestations.

   Because we are all of one consciousness; we may be in contact with spirits of other dimensions or our own. We may receive information from personalities that have passed over. We may see things that have happened in both the past and future. In fact there is nothing of importance that happens to us that is not foretold in our dreams, if only we were to interpret them correctly. These are precognitive dreams.

   Because we have lived many previous lives and have incarnated several times, we carry all the information of past lives with us. These are permanent records of our past.

   I find lucid dreaming absolutely fascinating. In lucid dreams we are clear about what we are witnessing. We are aware that we are dreaming and can actually manipulate the dreams to have whatever outcome we want. I have woke up from a bad dream and gone back to sleep, to the same dream and changed the outcome in my favour.

   In his book Conversations with God, book 3; author Neale Walsch writes that sleep is the spirits way of resting. It leaves the body each night as we sleep. It may travel to the past or future, to different dimensions. Upon its return, the soul will bring with it pieces of information in physical terms to the memory of the sleeper. We view this information in our dreams and interpret it in our current understandings.

   We all live in the world of our dreams. What we think about we create. Thought is the first event in the process of creation. What we dream about, we manifest in some dimension that we may not even know about. We have created all kinds of things in our world, which was first seen in a dream. How many oracles have started with the phrase, “I dreamed a dream”! Dreams contribute much more to our physical awareness and creative powers than most of us would give credibility to. Paintings are considered by some to be dream photographs. Take a good dream photograph, fall in love with it and dare to dream the impossible dream.

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