ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


(A World of Psychic Vision)


Nov 2001

The Oxford dictionary describes clairvoyance: A supposed faculty of perceiving the future or things beyond normal sensory perception.

   Metaphysical philosophers believe the location of the ‘third eye’ or seat of Psychic vision to be in an area of the forehead, above and between the eyes. It is also known as the …….charka. This is the vision psychic reception area.

   The third eye is also linked to one of the endocrine glands, the pineal gland; the frontal cortex being the more logical connector between the reception area and the Psychic Vision. Dreams are seen with the mind rather than the eyes. Focusing in the forehead region is the best way to activate the third eye. With this knowledge you will be able to practice tapping into Psychic Vision on demand and start using your powers of clairvoyance and Aura Vision.

   Most people feel a slight and yet distinct upward shift, for when you close your eyes you will in most cases automatically switch from physical vision to Psychic Vision, they also find that the center of vision to be higher up the forehead in Psychic Vision. All dreaming uses the psychic screen of the mind’s eye. (i.e.: page 120)

   The problem with most clairvoyant dreams that people have, is how to interpret them accurately. Many dream impressions are more symbolic than literal. A good exercise is to review you dream with your third eye, this can aid greatly in evaluating your dreams. Do not try to do this when you first wake up, you will probably just fall back to sleep, Make notes and do it later.

   Deciding whether to take the images as symbolic or literal is the next step. Literal dream images will have a clear forcefulness to it. Symbolic dreams tend to be fuzzier. To interpret symbolic dreams you must first learn what your own symbols mean. (i.e.: page 122)

   Daytime clairvoyance is nothing more than the natural psychic use of your mind’s eye. Psychic Vision is different from mere imagination. It is the use of the mind to receive images clairvoyantly rather than generating the images itself. Using clairvoyance is like having an antenna—a psychic receptor—which is gathering signals being broadcast around you and feeding them into the viewing area. Practicing visualization techniques can aid greatly in the development of your clairvoyance.

   Each clairvoyant picture carries a message. Symbols that spring from your visual memory are often more accurate and descriptive than abstract images. (i.e.: page 127)

   There are four types of clairvoyant images.

  1. The abstract picture or symbol.
  2. The visual mental library.
  3. The literal visual image.
  4. The premonitional vision.


For further information please Read ‘You are Psychic’ by Pete A. Sanders, Jr. ISBN 0-684-85704-9

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