ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Bad Times are Good


Oct 2001

Many of us look upon good things that happen to us as welcome experiences. And for the most part that is true. However these experiences alone are not enough to guide us to a higher experience. Much of the time these good experiences give us little opportunity to practice the skills we need to take us to the next higher level and are not beneficial spiritually. We are raised to embrace nice experiences and to avoid the bad ones. If something bad happens to us, then it must be because we are bad or have done something wrong. These undesirable experiences, we are taught are to be avoided, and are thought of as being counter productive and valueless.

   So called bad experiences are not bad at all, when our thoughts come from a different perspective. It has been said that all strangers come bearing gifts. If our skills are honed and we are open to receiving them we will recognize these gifts, good or bad as opportunities to advance to the next level of higher consciousness. I have become much more aware of this in the last few months. I now look for them, in my everyday experience.

   Recently I walked out of a fast food restaurant, eager to get into the sunshine and fill my lungs with fresh air. Two young men were directly behind me, and far enough away that I didn’t have to hold the door open for them. Without any thought, I held the doors open and as they went through I was expecting a thank you from at least one of them or some kind of acknowledgment. Sarcastically I said to myself “You’re Welcome”, and I followed them through. At that point I realized what I had done, and wanted to go back and do it all over again.

   The young men had offered me an opportunity to do something nice for two strangers, to open the door for them. That was their gift, the opportunity they gave me. After that, they had no obligations to me. Their gift was either to be received or passed over by me. I negated or overlooked the gift by expecting a “conditional”, thank you. Unconditional love would have me say thank you to them, for their gift. These opportunities happen to us every day; we pass many of them up. I missed the gift because I did not see the higher picture. I was focused only on receiving the “condition” of “thank you” for the good deed I had done.

   It is a natural desire for our ego or physical personalities to aspire to a level that is always higher than how we perceive ourselves in the present moment, when we are attuned to our higher spiritual selves. So-called bad experiences are always a gift or opportunity to do just that, when viewed from the spirit that is within us. Change your thought about these experiences and you change the outcome of bad experiences and they become the key to experiencing the best that we are, and are essential to spiritual growth. Welcome them as you would any other experience or gift. Everyone you meet today will have something for you. Leave yourself open to receiving the gift they have for you.

“When something happens, the only thing in your power is your attitude toward it---you caneither accept it or resent it!”

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