ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Sept 11, 2001

In response to what has happened recently in the US, I wanted to offer my condolences and sympathies to the survivors of the tragedy, namely the rest of the world. It is above our present consciousness to understand why this event occurred. Yet there is an answer for those that are able and want to understand.

   What happened in New York is part of our present evolution and understanding; itís a sign post. The opportunity for this event to happen; was created by the collective consciousness of the Terrorists, the United State, the Victims and the rest of humanity as well. Our global consciousness created the tragedy. Our collective awareness is still one of fear, hatred, anger and greed. Like other tragedies in our past, natural or man made, they will continue until we decide collectively that it is no longer in our best interest; that it is no longer something we want to experience. Our thoughts create our reality. The world is in chaos. We are at the threshold of a new understanding. We must make the choice now, whether to destroy ourselves or evolve into something better than what we are now. The opportunity is at hand now through this unfortunate event to change our thought about the world we live in. To best illustrate my point, listen to what the world is thinking now, revenge, anger, hate, and pay back. Right wing church leaders are using the opportunity to isolate minority groups, gays, abortion rights activists, feminists and other so called deviates from the rest of us. To divide and conquer seems to be their agenda? The time is right to spread prejudice and hate about all groups that we don't understand or agree with. They are using the same "mite is right" attitude of the Terrorists. We are ďjustĒ, in our thoughts, God is on our side. Are we not demonstrating the same righteousness as the Terrorists? Are we being fanatical, can we come up with reason that would raise us above those that would do us harm?

   Watch closely to see how easily we can justify our next moves. Will these thoughts bring us closer to a new level of awareness; will it bring a new opportunity to become better than we are now? Revenge begets violence, violence begets vengeance and on and on, and on. Do we want to perpetuate this same thought over and over again or are we now ready to change it? Do we create thoughts of peace only after we have had our revenge? Do we want to be the ones to initiate world peace?

   Are all the things you are hearing, the voices of a society that is ready to move to the next level of enlightenment? Are these the voices of doomsayers? Do these voices accurately reflect your thoughts or the worlds thinking, or are they a voice of the media that is hunger for news or sensationalism. Think now of peace, add your consciousness to those others of the world that have moved to a new level of understanding and awareness. Is it not time to go ahead; not backward? Must we repeat the same mistakes in our history again?

   God\Creator is not what most of us visualize. He/she is not some wise old personality sitting in heaven dictating to us his/her policies on living a righteous life; ready to punish us for not following his wishes. The Creator is not a personality that can have his feelings hurt if we do not do as he bids. He does not tell us what we think about each day or do what we must do. That would  be conditional love. She has given us individuality.

   The Creator is a sexless, bodiless consciousness whose thought has created the universe, this earth and the life upon it. The earth and the universe do not exist as we image it. It is 99.999999% not here. It is an illusion, a playground, and a theatre where he can experience him/herself in the relative world.

   We are, and everything in this universe is part of the consciousness of the creator. We therefore are individualized pieces of the creator. We are each in effect Creator herself. Each and every day we singularly and collectively create the reality that we now experience. The world could not exist without the full co-operation of every soul in it. Everything that happens in this world happens because we co-operate in creating it. There is no event that happens on this earth that does not have the co-operation of every soul involved, it could not happen because our consciousness is one consciousness, our soul is one with every other soul. If one part of the consciousness does not agree with the rest, the event could not happen.

   Because creator is pure energy he/she is not subject to human emotion. The creator cannot be hurt in any way. Creator is not subject to the feelings the way we are. Therefore there is no need to punish or impose revenge. The creator is pure love, or unconditional love. Unconditional love is self evident, in that love is given without expectations or conditions. The love is always returned, no matter what we do. The path back to the oneness of Creator is always assured. If it were not so it would then be conditional love. There is no punishment or reward after we die. There is only unconditional love.

   This universe was created by the Creators consciousness to experience certain aspects of reality that cannot be experienced anywhere else. The creator of this physical reality has given itself absolute freedom to experience anything that is possible in this reality without reprisal. The creator has given himself unconditional love, total freedom and awareness to experience, that which he is through us. Unconditional love is unconditional freedom; they are both the same, they cannot be separated. You cannot have unconditional love without unconditional freedom. The creator cannot die; therefore we cannot die. Only our body can die, and then it is only transformed into something else.

   Only when we understand this, can we survive the tragedies and natural disasters of this world and live eternally.

   We can only see from this level of enlightenment, that everything is perfect the way it is. The system works beautifully because we all co-operate with it or co-create it. We are co-creators in everything that is created and it is created perfectly for the level of understanding that we are at, in this present moment of now.

   We are therefore free to wage war on each other, free to experience terrorism by flying planes into buildings; free to destroy ourselves, and thousands of other lives. We are free to kill each other, steal from each other, rape, steal and plunder if this is our level of awareness; if this is what we need to experience. We are free to do it with no punishment because we have unconditional freedom and\or unconditional Love, and we do so with the full co-operation of the other souls involved, including the persons being killed, raped or plundered. And still there will be no punishment when we die. After all who have we really hurt but ourselves, because we all are of the same consciousness, experiencing different aspects of ourselves in a physical world? The reality is that we cannot hurt ourselves; we cannot die, or be hurt, because there is only one of us individualized.

   We may ask what about the man/woman that gives a lifetime of selflessness? Those who help other people in need are they truly worthy of reward? What about risking our lives to save others, or giving our own life for another? What about the truly wonderful things that we are capable of in the world? Are they not more worthy of reward in heaven? The answer is more important than the question; and it is ďNOĒ! There is no reward. We have the same unconditional freedom to do all these things as well. By doing these acts of kindness we are however experiencing ourselves at a higher level of evolution and enlightenment and that is in itself; itís own reward. It is the natural course of events for our souls to move toward the next level of enlightenment and become more than what we are. There is no higher reward than that of moving past that which we were, fore it is another step toward being one with the all that is, the creator. Itís simply a knowingness of what and who we are.

   With awareness comes the knowledge of the beauty of the system. We can look above physical reality and see our experiences for what they are, to bring us even closer to the next level of understanding. In a different time or level of awareness, when we do not think about disasters, war, violence, destruction, revenge, grief, and anger, we will make possible other events that reflect our new level. We will create such ideas such as freedom, love, sharing, helping and cooperation with each other and neighbouring cities and countries. These are the new aspects of ourselves that we will want to experience; until we donít.

   Awareness, leads to Freedom, Freedom leads to Choice, Choice leads to Gratitude, and Gratitude leads to Unconditional Love. When we have gratitude, we can look at the higher picture and see the perfection in it. At higher levels of awareness or evolution we will truly feel gratitude for the perfection in all we create or co-create around us. We will understand why things happen the way they do, and we will give thanks. We will rise above the suffering that was never meant to be and give gratitude for the opportunity to be able to experience suffering. It is gratitude that will set us free. It is gratitude that is our last step before we know unconditional love.

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