ARCHIVES                                                           Written by international spiritual author Roy E. Klienwachter


Angels, Spirits, Guides and Other Manifestations

Aug 2001


From the Collins English dictionary: one of a class of spiritual beings attendant to God, a divine messenger, a guardian angel.

Do they really exist?

   I know from personal experience that they do. As I write this paper it is Oct 19, 2001. While is a transition period of my life and not feeling too productive; in February of 2001 I asked for a guardian angel.  I had heard about them for years. There has been much written of them recently, and television programs have been created about them. I had an image of what I thought my guardian angel would look like. For a while I walked around my environment looking for an older grey haired gentleman with much knowledge to give me. I thought several times that I might have found him. There were people with that description that came in and out of my life over the next couple of months. One of them seemed to be everywhere I was, and popped up at the most unexpected times. I thought for sure that I would have one very soon. I did not make contact with any of them. Eventually I forgot about angels and stopped looking.

   I met my Guardian Angel or Star Angel, as I like to call her, unbeknown to me as to who she was in mid March. I mostly ignored her and had only casual conversation with her. We run into each other a few times afterwards. It wasnít until we started spending some time together in July that I discovered who she really was. She was not what I expected; she didnít fit the image I had of an angel. She was 23 years younger than me, Chinese, physically very appealing,and wasnít too interested in me. I did not associate her with eternal wisdom and guidance. We started dating eventually and developed a personal relationship with each other. One evening she whispered in my ear that she was my guardian angel. It didn't  surprise me and I accepted her words as being a true statement of her being. I already had a sense that she had been sent to me earlier. We had both been directed to each other at the right time in our lives to help each other. In the last twomonths we both have grown so much. We each received what we asked for when we needed it most. When my brain let go of looking, the angel appeared.

   Angels, archangels, spiritual guides, and shamans are messengers of the divine consciousness. They are the mediums between the creator and us. They are here to help us in our greatest moment of need. Angels donít usually come in the form that we imagine. They sometimes come in animal form or in my case a beautiful spirit named Vicky.

   I was once told by my second wife that she would pick the person who would help her; she would pick her own guardian angel. I believe she was in error. It just doesnít happen that way. We are not capable of picking our true teachers. Often when we pick a person that we think can help us; we pick a person that supports us in our own illness. Someone that will tell us what we want to hear. We do not know ourselves what lessons or help we really need and therefore can not pick the teacher to help us. The one that helps the most, is the one that usually challenges us in what we do. We do not need support of one who reminds us that we are victims; or that we are sick. Guardian angels or guides are there to lead us out of our present drama not support us in it. 

   These manifestations of the spirit are there for us to use; it is their function; all we have to do is ask. We often ignore them even when they are sent because we donít recognize them. There are none who are not deserving, simple ask and be patient. You must recognize their existence before we can accept their help. And stop trying to find them. When the student in ready the teacher will appear.

   One of the grandest teachings of the creator: I have sent you nothing but angels.

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