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by Richard Blackstone

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The Spiritual Quest

Most spirituality information is concerned with the question of, “what are some of the challenges people face when attempting to live a more spiritual life and how they can overcome them?”

The biggest challenge people face when attempting to live a more spiritual life is that they are going against a lifetime of conditioning and beliefs that have continually reinforced the idea that they are a separate person from all other people, places and things.

They have been taught their whole lives to view the world exclusively through their physical senses and to believe in Newtonian physics which tells us that the universe is mechanical and so are we.

Because of this conditioning many people define themselves as a two part being of a body with a mind when in actuality they are a three part being of body, mind and spirit. The body is physical and they can relate to that. The mind is non-physical but works primarily through the brain, which is physical, so they can relate to that. But the spirit is meta-physical and cannot be defined in physical terms so it is often not used in a conscious manner in their decision making process.

So it is the challenge of allowing the spiritual aspect of your being to be part of your conscious life process that keeps people tied to the idea of separation. This is what the spiritual life is all about, being in balance in your mind, body, spirit make-up. Allowing the spirit to be part of your
definition of self and using the spiritual aspect of your being for guidance in your life journey. The spirit is the part of you that is eternally interconnected with all of life including your source so it is critical for the spiritual seeker to recognize and understand that their true nature is one of spirit and not one of physicality.

To overcome this conditioning and firmly established belief system requires many aspects of change but in the spirit of triality (pun intended) I will give three that are critical.

1) Find a mentor or several mentors who you resonate with. Use the messages of these mentors to begin the process of understanding and knowing "Who You Really Are." The spiritual life tells us that we are the best source of our truth but we often need people who are ahead of us on the path to show us the way and give us tools to help our journey of discovery of self.

2) Become a disciple of your Self. Develop the discipline necessary to stay focused on your spiritual journey. This world is full of distractions so it is easy to stray from your path. You need to make it a priority to your Self to begin the process of deep understanding, clarity and total knowledge of your true authentic Self and the true nature of how the universe works.

3) Understand and use the immutable law of the universe known as The Law of Attraction. You bring into your life that which you put your attention on so start putting your attention on your spiritual growth and begin to let go of anything that takes you away from that quest. This may be easier said than done because we are so conditioned to believe what other people tell us and
especially what the television tells us. So I would suggest that the first and best thing you can do is to stop watching the television and quit reading the newspaper. Most of the information from these two sources keeps
reinforcing the concept of separation and keeps you firmly entrenched in a belief system based in fear instead of love. Love is where you want to go so put your attention on love and stop putting your attention on fear. This is a process but it has to begin somewhere and sometime so let the time be now and the where be right where you are.

My final word, which is actually the most important thingyou can do right now, on your spiritual quest is to continue to step into the beingness of love. Begin this process by LOVING YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY. You must love yourself first and foremost before you can expect to give your love freely to the world. Be love as much as you possibly can and watch the world change
before your very eyes. Love is the answer to every question and love will guide you out of fear and separation and into the absolute truth of unity
and oneness. Do this right now, LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.

Live in love

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