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by Richard Blackstone

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A Deep Spiritual Exploration of Love and Fear

We are all three-part beings made up of mind, body and spirit or soul. We all create our lives through the three step process of thought, word and deed.

There is a division of labor involved in the life process that goes something like this. The soul conceives, the mind creates, and the body experiences. Put another way, the soul has the thought, the mind speaks the word, and the body does the deed. Each part of the mind, body, spirit triad has a function in the thought, word, and deed triad. Isn't this a cool collaboration?

What we call the soul, or spirit, is the big collector storage unit of all the feelings and experiences that you create. Think of it. Everything you have ever created makes up your soul. It makes sense because that was its purpose when it was created. To experience all that God knows conceptually. Are you beginning to see the beautiful symmetry here?

As you go through life, you become aware of some of these feelings and experiences by tapping into your memory. From this you can connect the dots and see which of these remembered feelings and experiences have served to define who you are and which have defined who you are not.

As you become more aware and conscious of what has served you, you begin to remember yourself. The voluntary amnesia that you agreed to when you entered the physical universe begins to wear off and you recall (call forth) who you really are as your memory comes more and more into focus.

You are then able to say that you have re-membered who you really are and you become a member once again of God. You remember that you are one with God. You are the same stuff as God. You are God, Goding.

That is the simple explanation.

Here is why it becomes complex:

It all begins as we enter the physical world and make our agreement with God to forget who we really are. It is at this point when we enter this world that we are at the mercy of our environment as to what beliefs we will be taught, and what base thoughts will be formed, which we will use as reference points in making choices throughout our lives.

Who we really are is a spirit child of God. We are one with God and in a beautiful collaboration with God. A beautiful “communion” with God, if you will. But in order for us to experience ourselves as one with God, we must also know and experience ourselves as separate from God.

By forgetting who we really are, upon entering this world, we are able to experience this separation. This separation from God could be experienced and nullified if the world we enter had a base belief system that says that we are in different bodies on this earth, but we are all one in spirit.
Or this separation from God could be experienced and reinforced if the world we enter had a base belief system that says that we are in different bodies on this earth because we are separate from each other and separate from any source that put us here.

Most, but not all, of the humans that inhabit this planet today were born into the base belief system of separation and fear. It hasn't always been this way. There was a time on this planet when most of the humans were born into the base belief system of unity and oneness. It was a time when the world was dominated by matriarchal societies. As with all things in the universe these are systems that are temporary and temporal. Everything is subject to change.

Society evolved through a change that allowed dominance to be patriarchal, and the base belief system evolved from unity and love to separation and fear. (I offer this information as an observation of history and not as a judgment).

If you are reading this material and were born into one of the industrialized nations of the world you were probably raised with the base belief of separation and fear. And because you have been constantly reinforced with the dictates and premises of this separation mentality for your whole life, you have been in denial of who you really are.

This combination of voluntarily forgetting who you really are, and being immersed in a belief system that reinforces the concept of being who you are not, has caused many of us to believe that we are separate. We are conditioned to be unconscious of the fact that we can choose something different.

So we sleepwalk (are unconscious) through life with base thoughts that tell us we are separate from each other and separate from our source. Instead of becoming aware that being separate is an experience of who we are not, in order to know who we are, we have bought into the idea that being separate is who we actually are.

The observation here is that we need to wake up and change our base thought. We need to change our base thought individually and then we can change it collectively. We need to change our base thought from one of separation from each other, and separation from our source, to a base thought of oneness with all and being one with our source.

This doesn't mean that we are all going to be clones with no individual identity, far from it. It is going to mean true freedom to pursue our identity and magnify it without limit or conditions. Picture that in your mind.

What if you were able to pursue and be whoever you chose to be, and were allowed to be that without limits, conditions or man-made consequences? Would your life be any different than it is right now? You bet your bippy. Are there any dreams that you have given up on that might re-surface in your mind if you knew that you could pursue them without conditions put upon you?

The world, as we know it, would be entirely different if we changed our base thought from one that says we are a separate entity unto ourselves to one that says we are one with all.



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