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Awareness is the Key to Spiritual Awakening

The concept of awareness is what separates the unconscious sleepwalker from the consciously manifesting individual. When you walk in awareness, you lose the filters of judgment and conditionality, and open your eyes to the light of day. You come out of the fog and see your path clearly. Your perception of the world changes from night to day and finally you observe what serves you and what does not.

This concept of awareness allows you to view the macrocosm instead of being blinded by the limiting perceptions of the microcosm. You are aware of the big picture and your relationship to it. Instead of one angle you see 360 angles and how each angle relates to each other angle in forming the whole.

Instead of trying to put the puzzle together with no idea of what the finished puzzle is supposed to look like, you see the picture of how the puzzle is supposed to look and fit the pieces together with clarity. You don't have fits and create dramas by trying to fit a piece where it doesn't belong. You choose another piece that does fit and then go on to your next creation.

The puzzle starts coming together. As more pieces fall into place the picture becomes clearer and less effort is required to match the pieces of the puzzle together. Life becomes effortless, just like nature. Nature has the puzzle figured out. Man is still trying to see where he fits in the puzzle.

Consciousness and awareness go hand in hand in the life of the manifestor. Even though the sleepwalker is creating, he is unaware that he is creating, so he feels like he is not creating at all. Awareness of your ability to create enhances that ability by allowing you to see what you are creating and understanding the connection between the conscious choices that you make and the manifestation of those choices into your reality.

Awareness builds on itself. The more you are aware, the more you are aware that you are aware. The more you are aware that you are aware, the more awareness you have of the fact that you are aware that you are aware. The higher the level of awareness that you allow yourself to assume the more you will see.

As you become more and more aware you elevate yourself so that you are looking at a bigger and bigger picture. This big picture shows you more and more perspectives of any particular situation and gives you a deeper understanding of the interrelatedness of the life process and how our creations relate to it.

Awareness is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets, and the less you use it, the more it atrophies. It can become so weak as to not be effective at all. Just like all muscles though, it will respond to exercise, so just like maintaining a healthy body, the key to using awareness is diet and exercise.

Feed your awareness a steady diet of thoughts that are in alignment of who you define yourself to be, and then be aware of those thoughts. Exercise your awareness by looking at your thoughts and looking at your life process and seeing how you can line them up.

Work at this. Exercise this muscle. Start building on your awareness by telling yourself that you are now aware of the fact that you are aware. Continue to diet and exercise your awareness and it will open up a world that has always been right before your very eyes. A world you didn't know about until you removed the dirty filters of your perceptions through awareness.

As you continue to be aware, you notice that you feel you are finally awake from a long sleep. The sleepwalker that you were is now awake because you cannot sleepwalk when you are aware. The very process of awareness will wake you up. As you awaken, you view the world with a fresh point of view. You see things as they really are instead of through the fog of unconscious living. It is quite a revelation.

That is where awareness will take you. Be aware of this. Don't fight it and don't judge yourself to harshly when you wake up and realize that you have been sleepwalking. Be aware that your sleepwalking has allowed you to experience aspects of yourself that you are not in order to define yourself as who you are.

So be aware, but don't judge.

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