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by Richard Blackstone

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How to Understand the Creative Process

You are creating your life with every thought that you think, every word that you speak and every action that you take. That is the creative process and this spirituality information is the secret to your spiritual growth. Once you understand the immutable law of the universe known as The Law of Attraction you can consciously use your God given talents of creation.

There are three phases you must go through to get to the point where you are consciously creating your life. First, you must become aware of the creative process. “Awareness” is the key to opening the doors of your spiritual evolution. You are reading this article right now, in this very present moment of now, because you are aware of the concepts of creation, consciously creating your life and the immutable law of the universe known as The Law of Attraction.  

Your awareness has caused you to use The Law of Attraction to bring this article into your experience. You would not be reading this article if you weren’t putting your attention on your spiritual growth. That’s the way The Law of Attraction works, you bring into your life that which you put your attention on.  

Right now, the universe has delivered you this article to help fulfill your desire. The information in this article is designed to help you on your journey. Thank you for being on this spiritual journey. The world needs you right now and you are answering the call.

The second phase you must go through to get to the point of consciously creating your life is ‘understanding’. Once you become aware of the ‘Creative Process’ and how you can consciously create your life in any manner you choose, you must then use The Law of Attraction to really ‘understand’ how it all works and how you can use it most efficiently and effectively. 

This article is designed to help you ‘understand’ more about the creative process. You are not going to become an expert after reading this article but are going to have a deeper understanding about the process and that is very important right now. First, understand that the creation of your life, anything and everything that you create into your life experience, is a process. It is not an instantaneous process; it is a process that involves this wonderful concept called ‘time’. 

The process of ‘understanding’ is eternal because you are eternal and the physical dimensions of time and space only allow you to ‘understand’ parts of the whole while playing the game of ‘life on planet earth.’ You ‘understand’ the whole when you experience your physical ‘death’ because when that happens you return to the source of all that is.  

This is good information for you to know but it opens a door to a ‘whole’ other article and we are going to stick to the Creative Process for now.  

So once you have awareness and understanding of the creative process you start using it in a conscious manner and only then do you begin to really ‘know’ how it works.  

“Knowing” is the third phase of the Creative Process. Knowing can only come from experience. Even though you have used the creative process your whole life if you were not consciously aware that you were using it then you don’t have the ‘knowing’ of the process.  

Knowing about the process of the conscious creation of your life is where you want to be because when you ‘know’ about the process at a deep level you can then create with “unconscious competence”. Unconscious competence is when you are creating what you desire without the constant distraction of trying to remember all the parts of the process as you do so.  

The process of creation is very simple, yet very complex. The good news is that you, my dear reader, get the simple part and you let the universe do the complex part. The simple part, of course, is to know what you desire and then ask for it. The universe always says ‘Yes’ to whatever you desire.  

Every desire has two components that you must be AWARE of; the desire and the lack of the desire. If you want money in your life then think about the money that is coming into your life and do not think about the lack of money that may be your current life experience. Oh so subtle but oh so important and the very reason that many people are very frustrated with the Creative Process.  

They keep thinking about their current circumstances, such as a lack of money and those dominant thoughts tell the universe to keep sending you a lack of money.  

Okay, can you see how tricky this can get even though it is very simple? For now, please be aware and understand that there is a process involved in the conscious creation of your life and you control the process with your thoughts, words and deeds.

Use the Law of Attraction and ask the universe for clarity about the conscious creation of your life and the universe will keep sending you the information that will allow you to reach that clarity. It is the most fun you will ever have in this game of “Life on Planet Earth” and it is worth the effort to pursue it.


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