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by Richard Blackstone

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You Are God

 The secret to life is understanding who you really are. Spirituality information allows you to use the law of attraction to reach this understanding. The universe has heard your request and you are now at a level of spiritual growth to know the answer to your burning desire to truly understand who you really are. 

So, let us get down to the real nitty-gritty. Who you really are is God. Yes, there is no need to be coy or try to couch our understanding in esoteric hyperbola.           

You are God, goding. You are experiencing in the physical relative universe everything that you, as God, created from all you know of in the nonphysical, non-relative universe of the absolute. And of course you, as God, know everything.


You, as God, know all there is to know but it is your deeply held desire to experience your knowledge. It is in the experiencing of all that you know of as concepts that you can feel the full range of emotions that is the spice of your existence.           

You, as God, are the quintessential definition of love. You are love in its purest form and this body and identity you have assumed to occupy physical space in is the perfect method to experience the love that you are by having the experience of being what love is not.           

You, as God, cannot not be love. It is impossible. Love is who you are. Not just love, but pure, unconditional love. Love defined in any other way is not love. Conditional love is an oxymoron. Conditional and love are mutually exclusive concepts. You cannot be love and be conditional about love at the same time. Love is love in its universal, omnipresent form and that is that. That is the love that you really are.           

You, as God, know this.           

You, as God, know that the only way to experience love, in all of its different perspectives, is to be in a state that allows you to forget that what you truly are is all-pervasive love and go to another state of being that allows you to experience the opposite of what love is in order to see and know and experience this all encompassing love from every perspective.           

You, as God, know that all the other aspects of yourself that you know of as other human beings, animals, plants, mountains, trees, oceans, bugs and other universes are all viewing love from their unique perspectives, and all of these perspectives are what makes up the totality of you and this creation of yours called the physical relative universe.            

You, as God, have desired this, and now you, as God, are experiencing your desire in this fabulous creation of yours that you call the process of life.           

You, as God, know that this wonderful game you are playing is eternal because you know that you are eternal.           

You, as God, know that eternity is forever described as the eternal present moment of now and that everything that has ever happened, is happening now and ever will happen, is all taking place in this eternal moment of now.           

You, as God, always reside in the eternal moment of now. Part of your goding experience allows you to dwell on your past or imagine your future. When you do this you allow into your experience the influence of this relative concept we call the ego.          

You, as God, know that this illusion of your ego will allow you to view life from a perspective of being “who you are not.” You understand that this can only happen as part of this creation of a physical relative universe because the real you, the God you, the spirit part of your three-part beingness, cannot be anything other that what it truly is, pure unconditional love.           

You, as God, play this game with relish and wonderment, while the you that is the physical three-part being called a human, get to have all the experiences you call forth through the process of creation using thought, word and deed.    

You, as God, do not judge yourself for the experiences you create as part of the human game you are playing while residing in the physical relative universe. You understand that the entire physical world is just an illusion you brought forth through your thoughts.

You understand that you are using this illusion that allows thoughts to become matter so that you can experience love in a physical relative manner. You understand that you have created it all so it would be silly to judge your self for your own creations.

You understand that if you have created something that doesn’t serve you that you can merely choose again and create something that does serve you. You understand that no matter what you create you can never be anything except what you truly are; a spiritual being of unconditional love.

You, my beautiful, wondrous, magnificent being, are God.


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