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Unconscious Competence

 As you travel this fascinating adventure called “Life on Planet Earth” you are exposed to a myriad of experiences that are part of the overall creation of your life. The secret to an effortless life is to become very competent in your spiritual growth so that the experiences you create are serving you in taking you to where you want to go and who you want to be.

The concept of “Being Competent” means that you have had enough experience about some concepts or ideas that you are good and proficient at them. A perfect example is your ability to walk. When you were a baby you were not very competent at walking. As you grew into your body you took on the challenge of more mobility by beginning the process of crawling and then walking.

You first had to go through the stages of competence to where you can now be “unconsciously competent” at walking. Here are the four stages of competence.

1) Unconscious Incompetence. This is where you don’t know how incompetent you are at something because you are not really aware of what you don’t know. Like a baby who doesn’t know about walking yet.

2) Consciously Incompetent. This is where you know you are incompetent at something that you do know about. Like a baby who sees other people walking and is ready to start learning this process but can’t walk yet.

3) Consciously Competent. This is where you become competent at something by being very conscious about the experience of it. You have to keep conscious awareness of the process as you learn more about it. Like a baby who is starting to walk on its own. It now knows it can walk but has to really concentrate and use conscious skills to maintain balance and inertia.

4) Unconscious Competence. This is where you are competent at something in an unconscious manner. You just know about the process and you don’t have to think about it, you just do it unconsciously. Like a baby who has learned to walk on its own. Like you walking on your own. 

I have noticed this in my golf game. When you are a golfer and trying to learn the game you have to always be thinking about certain “swing keys” for every shot. It is a lot of information overload and you can’t be a good golfer because you are always missing a “swing key” or two or three on every shot. But the more you play the better you are at getting some of those “swing keys” into your subconscious and not having to think about them consciously so much.

Eventually you get to a point where you only have to think about one or two thoughts before you swing and you become a much better golfer. You are “unconsciously competent.”

Let’s take this analogy and apply it to our lives as “Creators.”

We are all creating our lives with our thoughts, words and deeds. Some of us are creating consciously and some of us are creating unconsciously but we are all creating in every moment of our existence.

The secret to living the life of your dreams is in your ability to “Consciously Create” your life to be, do and have whatever you desire. This is very doable but you must first become “Unconsciously Competent” in you manifestation skills. In order to be “unconsciously competent” you must first go through the first three stages of competence.

Figure out where you lie in the four stages of competence as far as your skills in manifesting your desires and the conscious creation of your life. Start where you are and then use the law of attraction to bring into your life the “swing keys” toward more understanding of the creative process.

Once you gain a deep understanding of the process you are well on your way to being “Unconsciously Competent” and when that happens you will be able to easily and effortlessly manifest into your life whatever you desire to be, do and have.

Think of this as an experiment in your life and then maximize the experience of the experiment. You are in for a very fun and exciting ride once you understand what a powerful creator you really are.

One last “swing key” to get you going in the right direction. Whatever you intend to manifest into your life always do it for the highest good of you and for all of life. The highest good for all of life is always for your own highest good.

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