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How to Know Your True Authentic Self

Do you know who you really are? The secret to knowing who you really are is the key to playing the game of “Life on Planet Earth.” Your spiritual growth is intended to guide you to seek answers to this question by the using the spirituality information that comes to you through your use of the law of attraction.

The law of attraction tells us that you bring into your life that which you put your attention on. Using this definition we must conclude that you would serve yourself in answering this question by putting your attention on seeking clarity about “Who you really are.”

That makes sense doesn’t it? How are you going to know “Who You Really Are” unless you have a desire to understand and know this most essential question in your life?

You see, everything starts with desire. If you have no desire to understand your essential nature then you will not understand your essential nature. This is not rocket science here folks. This is the way the universe works.

First you ask and then the universe answers and then you allow the manifestation of your request to flow to you. You can only block the flow of this manifestation by having doubts about the universe’s ability to say “Yes” to your every request.

Do you doubt the ability of God or the universe to grant whatever you desire? Of course not. God and the universe have the power and ability to bring into your life experience whatever it is that you want to be, do or have. Have no doubt about that.

The source of everything in existence, seen and unseen, is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. It is all-powerful, all-knowing and always present. So there is no doubt about the power and creative ability of God or your Source.

Well, if this is true then where would any doubt about your ability to create your desires into your life come from? Yes, the only way doubt would be part of your creation equation is if "You" have doubt about your creative powers.

The only reason you would have doubt about your creative powers is if you do not fully understand and know about your true authentic self. Once you have a deep understanding of “Who You Really Are” then you would never doubt your ability to create whatever you desire into your life.

You see life is just a game, especially life on planet earth. We are all playing a giant game where we get to roam around this paradise of a planet and create our lives in any manner in which we choose. Do you believe that?

There is no agenda set out for us but the agenda we determine and choose for ourselves. We are the creators of our own lives. No person, no God, no government, no nothing is telling you how you must live your life.

You are the one that determines what you want out of life and you are the only one who creates your life and you are totally responsible for everything that happens in your life. Now, isn’t that cool?

Think about it. If you knew with every fiber of your being that you and you alone are responsible for everything that happens in your life do you think that you might look at life from a different perspective than the one you currently hold?

That is why it is so important for you to invoke the immutable law of the universe called the law of attraction and begin the process of putting your attention on understanding, at the highest levels of consciousness, who you really are and why you are here.

Doesn’t that make sense?

You and I and everybody roaming this planet today are born with the concept called “free will”. You are free to think whatever you choose, speak whatever you want to say and do whatever you choose to do. If you have not considered seeking clarity on the answer to life’s most basic question, “Who Am I?” maybe now would be a good time to use your “free will” and begin the process.

All of life is a process and if you desire to understand your true authentic self then you must begin the process of awareness, understanding and knowledge. It all starts with you. You are the only one creating your life so you are the only one who can start this process.

All of life is also a choice. You must choose to seek clarity on the question of “Who AM I” if you want to truly understand your true authentic powers of creation. Once you make that choice you will begin to see the natural consequences of your choice begin to show up in your life experience.

Enjoy the adventure.

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