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by Richard Blackstone

Richard Blackstone is an author and international speaker on Life, Love and The True Nature of How Things Work. He won the prestigious "America's Next Top Author" award from for his book, "Nuts & Bolts Spirituality." His message of LOVE, ONENESS & CREATION is designed to create a new world model, one person at a time. Read his FREE report, "The 3 Simple Immutable Laws of the Universe" at:






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Three Simple Laws: The Secret Foundation

For about the first forty years of my life I was living my life very unconsciously, what I like to call “sleepwalking.” During the sleepwalking period I always had the deep inner desire to “improve my life.” I have since “discovered” that we all have this deep inner desire because there is a constant and continuous flow of well-being that flows throughout the universe and it flows through us all the time, it never stops.

At the right and perfect time in my life I began the process of waking up to my true authentic self and began the spiritual journey that I continue to travel to this day. This journey was not oriented to religion and didn’t follow religious practices. It was a journey of spiritual growth that focused entirely on spirituality information with religious dogma.

Once I started the grand adventure I was so excited I didn’t know where to take my new found passion and direct it so that I could run along my spiritual path instead of walk. That is the nature of your spiritual quest; it is so exciting that you want to leap forward and go as fast as you can.

I knew that I needed a solid foundation for this journey so I started focusing my attention on seeking clarity about the principles that would guide me in my journey. I didn’t know it at the time but I was invoking the immutable law of the universe known as “The Law of Attraction,” which tells us that you bring into your life that which you put your attention on

The more I sought clarity about this question of “Who Am I?” the more I was guided to these three immutable laws of the universe. I now live these three laws, or principles, every day of my life and they are my foundation for everything that I experience in my life adventure.

I would like to share these “Three, Simple Immutable Laws of the Universe” with you so that you might use them for your own spiritual journey.

1) LOVE is who we really are. LOVE is at the core of our being and we can tap into it at any time. 

2) We are all ONE. We are all spirit children of the source of “all that is.” We are not separate from the source. We are all ONE with the source.

3) We are all here to CREATE the life of our intentions and desires. Each of us has, within us, the same powers and abilities as the source from which we came. We are all CREATORS and are creating our lives through our choices. Who you are, in this moment of now, is who you have created yourself to be by the choices you have made throughout your life.

My observation of life is that most of us, myself included, were conditioned from birth to believe that we are separate from each other, separate from this planet that sustains our very physical life form and separate from our source. That is what I believed when I was sleepwalking. 

It is my experience that this concept of separation is a fear based belief system. It is also my experience that you can change your belief system any time that you choose because of our inherent nature called “free will.” You can freely and easily move out of the belief of fear and separation and into the paradigm of love and oneness.

This is a choice. All of life is a choice. Once you make that choice you begin the process of change. All of life is change. We change all the time and because we live within the dimensions of time and space, this process also takes time to shift your belief system. It is not instantaneous; it is a process and a beautiful process indeed.

This process requires commitment but once you make the commitment and begin the process you begin allowing the power of love to guide you in your journey and this newfound power opens you up to a whole new perspective about life, love and the true nature of how this game of life is played out here on the giant stage called planet earth. 

I have experienced both paradigms of life. I have lived my life from the fear based perspective of separation and I have lived my life from the love based perspective of love and my experience tells me that love serves me better than fear.

The most valuable tool that helps me in my journey is this: LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.

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