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by Richard Blackstone

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Be a Disciple of Self 

Every second of every day you are “being” something. That is why we are called ‘Human Beings’ and not ‘Human Doings’. It is our “beingness” that defines our lives and therefore it would behoove you to begin the process of reflecting on what state of being you are choosing as you go through your life.

The reason this is so important is because of the immutable law of the universe that tells us “Your Beingness Creates Your Doingness.” In other words whatever you are doing you are doing because of the state of being you are in. In the world of physicality we usually tend to focus on what we are doing because that is what we “see” in a functioning mode that our physical senses can detect and analyze for us.

We have been conditioned all our lives to prioritize our physical senses to define the events and circumstances of our lives so we reason that what we are doing is the end all and be all of our experience. What we fail to realize is that life is immersed in cause and effect relationships and one of the primary cause and effect relationships is that what you are being is the cause for whatever you end up doing (the effect).

Everything you do comes from the state of being you are choosing for yourself whether your choice is made consciously or unconsciously. So one of the best things you can do for yourself is make the conscious choice to begin monitoring your state of being as you go through your daily routines. You can easily determine what your states of being are by observing what you are doing at any given point in time.

If you are cheating on your golf score, you are “being a cheater.” If you are lying to your friends in order to make yourself look better, you are “being a liar.” If you give the panhandler on the street five dollars, you are “being compassionate.” 

Here is the conscious choice that I would like you to consider. Choose the state of being where you are constantly serving your Self in the decisions you make about your life. You can describe this state of being as “being a disciple to your Self.”

The root of the world disciple comes from the word “discipline.” You become (beingness that is coming) very disciplined about “what serves you” and “what does not serve you” and then you only choose those experiences and states of being that “serve you”.

You begin (be the cause) the process of prioritizing your Self in the decisions you make about your life. When you are a disciple of your Self you are “being responsible” for the creation of your life. You are prioritizing how you want your life to be lived.

Wow! What a concept. Can you see how this discipline can take you out of the struggle and turmoil of petty states of being and project you into more proactive and enlightened states of being?

Your beingness creates your doingness. Remember this immutable concept because it is working in your life as we speak. Right now you are “being open and receptive” because you are reading these words.

You can keep asking yourself to analyze your current state of being or you can be more proactive by consciously choosing the state of being that serves you as much as possible. This is the preferred plan because then you are choosing those states of being that serve you and from those states of being you begin doing things that serve you.

So here is the key to being a disciple to your Self. There is one state of being that will serve more than any other state of being. It is the state of being known as “Loving Your Self Unconditionally.”

Discipline yourself to always “be” unconditionally loving. From this state of being you will begin doing unconditionally loving things. As you do more and more you receive unconditionally loving things back into your experience. That is the nature of the universe. You are invoking the “Law of Attraction” and then you become a magnet for unconditional love.

 That, my friends, is the key to abundance, health and harmony. “Be unconditional love” and watch your world change right before your very eyes.  

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