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You are the miracle of life. You are not only the created but the creator as well. You are not a victim of circumstance you are creating them. This is not a school and you are not here to learn anything but to experience everything physical. Your life was never meant to be a struggle; it is an option and you must create the struggle. From birth those around systematically disempowered you and gave you language to use that would keep you this way. Empower yourself to the grandest version of the greatest vision you have even had about who and what you are. MP3 Electronic Music - DNA, Cyber-Shamanic, Alien, Ambient, Techno, Electronica
Visionary Music Conscious evolution through multi-dimensional music & amp; sound. Awaken and activate your multi-strand DNA codex with higher octaves of sound frequencies modulations channeled by Shapeshifter. Music soundscapes created with the intent to assist in building the frequency maps to our omni-dimensional Universe of Light.

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