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The primary purpose of the College of Metaphysical Studies is to train and educate prospective leaders for metaphysical ministries and schools through Distant-Learning or On-campus Training. Dowsing Pendulums and Divining Rods, Dowsing Classes, Tips, Books, Updates
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ascension, metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, cognitive psychology, consciousness, unconscious, soul, faerie, chakras, kundalini, illusions, channeling, spirituality, multidimensional, meditation. Experience Experience
‘Experience’ is a personal growth and development programme for the truth seeker. ‘Experience’ facilitates something magical that has traditionally been described using words like awakening, enlightenment, or the kingdom of heaven; here we use modern words like non-duality, transformation or paradigm shift. For those who have experienced awakening 'Experience' clarifies the nature of this experience.

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