New Age

New Age or New Thought is simple another way of looking at the human spirit. I don't believe New Age can be boxed or accurately described as it's very nature is to evolve and therefore lacks a definitive description. Some people have tried to define it and I have published several descriptions starting on this page. In its earlier years New Age was feared by Christians because it requires a person to think outside the box. The fear of the unknown is humanities greatest fear. Contemporary thinkers are embracing New Age because it embraces the best of all philosophies and science. New Age is just a description for forward thinkers.

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New Age Philosophy


The Theosophical World View

1. The universe and all that exists within it are one interdependent whole, and all known forms of life are collective at the core of their very existence, and  rooted in the same universal life creating reality.

2. This Reality (energy) is all-pervasive, but it can never be summed up in its parts, since it transcends all of Its expressions. It reveals itself in the purposeful, ordered, and meaningful processes of nature as well as in the deepest recesses of the mind and spirit. 

3. Recognition of the unique value of every living being expresses itself in reverence for life, awareness of Love, compassion for all, and an  understanding of the need of individuals to find truth for themselves and express that truth as the basis of their existence.   The ways in which these ideals become realities in an individuals life are both the privileged choice and the responsible act of every human being...

Central to the concerns of this thought is the desire to promote understanding and fellowship among people of all races, nationalities, philosophies, and religions. Therefore, all people, whatever their race, creed, sex, caste, or color, are invited to participate as individuals, or within any collective environments that share in these basic beliefs and understandings.

In following these principals, there shall be no dogmas, as these teachings point toward the source of unity beyond all differences. Those who understand this will demonstrate a devotion to their own truth, love for all living things, and share a commitment to a life without judgment of others.



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