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The 5 Most Powerful Tips For Maintaining Positive Emotions

Our emotions are very powerful forces in our lives. They are great indicators of what we are thinking about and where are thoughts are. This is especially important when working with the law of attraction. It's important to be able to use our emotions as guides for where our mental focus is at any given moment in order for us to be able to shift our awareness and thinking. Though much easier said than done for a lot of people.

Many people have trouble learning to recognize how they are feeling at any given moment in order to shift their thinking and their thoughts. We have all been there. Minutes after screaming at someone we realize we are angry or frustrated. Hours after ignoring the phone when it rings we realized we are experiencing negative emotions and don't want to be bothered by anyone at all. Learning to recognize how we are feeling as the emotions arise allow us to shift our thinking back to where it needs to be in order to manifest and attract those things that we want in our lives. Here are some tips for helping you recognize how you feel as you feel it.

1. Take the time to recognize situations that create specific emotions for you. If you know that you get angry or sad or any other negative emotion when you drive by a certain place, or when someone says something specific, or when any other number of possible situations occur in your life, you can begin to create strategies for dealing with it. By first recognizing emotional triggers in your life and how they are triggered, you begin to create an incredibly powerful strategy for coping with and avoiding those negative emotional triggers.

2. If this is true for negative emotions, the same is true for positive emotions. Take the time to recognize what your positive emotional triggers are and place yourself in more of those situations as you avoid the negative situations. The whole law of attraction is about feeling and thinking good. They go hand in hand. Positive emotions evoke positive thoughts, and positive thoughts evoke positive emotions.

3. Create triggers through out your day that can remind you to stay in the emotional positive realm. For example, if you work in an office you might decide that every time you use the copy machine you will take a moment to think and feel about everything you are grateful for in your life. Or maybe you will use something such as every time you touch your car keys. It doesn't matter what it is that you decide to use, or what positive emotion you will attach to that action. The important part is training yourself to do it every time that specific physical object is used by you.

4. Take a few minutes each day to relax and let go. Many of us live very busy, very stressful lives. Take a few minutes during your lunch break, or right after you get home to close your eyes, smile, and let go. Doing this regularly for only a few minutes every day can create amazing results with just a little bit of practice. Simply close your eyes and literally let go. Visualize about positive things if you wish. The whole point of the exercise is to release all of the stuff that is weighing on you that day and let it go.

5. At the end of your day as you lay in bed at night, think back over your day to moments when you were feeling negative emotions. Replay those moments in your head. Now, back up a few moments to just before you started to experience the negative emotion. Seconds before you began to feel the negative emotion as you play the situation over in your head, cut the movie off in your mind and replace the period where you had a negative emotion with a completely different outcome and a completely different emotion. Replay this new version of what happened in your mind over and over a couple of times before you go to sleep. It will not only reprogram your mind to respond differently next time a similar situation arises, but it also allows you to experience those positive emotions now and replace that negative experience in your mind with a completely new, positive experience.

These are just a few tips and tricks for helping you to maintain and experience positive emotions on a daily basis. Find what works best for you, and use it. It doesn't really matter what tactics you use as long as those tactics work for you. Some people may simply place their hands in prayer position in front of their chest when they experience negative emotions. Others may tie a piece of string to their finger. The trigger isn't as important as the habit of practicing using those triggers until they get consistent results over, and over, and over again.

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