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Reality Is A Matter Of Perception

The world that you see around you is not the real world that is out there. There are really two worlds going on at the same time. There is what is really happening, and then there is what you are perceiving and translating in your mind. For example, when you look around the room you are in right now you will see certain colors and shapes. But if you could see more, you would see that there are more colors in the room you are in than you are able to see. There are even air molecules in the room around you which you cannot see, but your lungs take in and use none the less. So there are two tricks to this whole reality thing. One is to get in alignment as much as possible with what is really going on, and the other is to choose the reality that best serves you and your life.

There is the reality of what is going on around you at all times. Whether it is what you see or recognize or not, there is reality. For example, the law of attraction is a reality. Whether you understand it or use it or even know what it is or not, it is working at all times. We call it the law of attraction, others call it karma, and others label it something else. The point isn't what it is called as the label is a reality and figment of our minds, but that it is there regardless of our understanding and that it works regardless of our reality is what is important. The key is to learn as much as possible about what reality really is without putting your own perceptions of reality into it. The more you are able to see true reality, the better you are able to make decisions based on what is really going on.

Here is an example. Let's say that you are the commander of an army and you are positioned on a battle field. In front of you is the enemy, and you obviously out number them three to one. Your weapons are better, your soldiers are better trained, and you have more supplies to last the battle. Your current perceived reality is that you will win, hands down. However, what you don't know, and what is not a part of your reality is that the enemy has another army from an ally on it's way and only half an hour from the battle, and half of it's troops positioned behind you ready to flank you from the rear. The true reality of this situation is that you aren't as strong in this situation as you perceive yourself to be because the enemy has more troops than you see, and are better positioned than you believe. Perceived reality can be very dangerous at times when getting into alignment with what is really going on can allow you to make better decisions and adjust to difficulties along a path.

Our perceived reality is created by our past experiences, thoughts, and actions. There is a positive and a negative side to this. The positive side is that if our perceptions are created by past experiences, thoughts, and actions, then our future perception of reality will be dictated by our current experiences, thoughts, and actions. The negative side is that our current reality is filtered through our beliefs and perceptions. So if our reality is filtered through our perceptions and beliefs, what are we to do?

The key is to get into alignment with what is really going on, and luckily what is really going on will always serve you in one shape or form. It is always useful information to know what is going on around us. The other key to this is to choose the reality that serves you. If you want something, begin to create that something as a reality in your own mind. This will cause you to behave in a way that will allow you to attract and create that reality for yourself. This is a double edged sword for many reasons. First of all, choosing to belief a reality that serves you may not be what actually serves you and is tainted by your beliefs and can set you up for failure. For example, let's say there is a certain person you like and want to get to know better and hook up with. You create the reality in your mind that this person and you are already together, so you begin to act as though that is true. You can go over board and ruin all chances, if not completely offend them. So you must learn to go through the process of making this person a part of your life while keeping the reality that you want to be true in your mind. The other problem with this is becoming attached to a reality that cannot happen. You must able and willing to let go of an idea with the snap of a finger and move on to another idea or concept or perception of reality.

You might also ask, "But Dwayne, if choosing a reality that serves me is better, why even try and see what is really going on?" The answer to this is simple. The better you get at seeing true reality and what is going on, the better you can get at choosing which reality will serve you best. It gives you options and allows the reality you want to be more in alignment with what can really happen and where you can really go from where you are. Of course you can go any place and do anything, but there are always steps in every process of getting some place. The closer you are to seeing true reality, the better you can decide what steps will work best, and the better you can choose what reality to believe in. Just remember that there is always ultimate reality, and our own reality. Peace and success begin to happen easier when both are in alignment with one another.

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