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Diana Kennedy is a writer, inspirational speaker and massage therapist. She loves her job at Unity of Tallahassee where she leads the early service. Diana considers herself to be a student of life, always learning and always on the go. Visit her inter-faith site and read articles at Be sure to sign up for her monthly Ezine, The Divine Idea and peruse the Spiritual E-Courses that she offers.





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The Law of Attraction is Revisited

Perhaps you've been curious about all the buzz around about the movie "The Secret." Maybe you are ready to learn more about the Law of Attraction (LOA) and how it can literally change your life. Whatever drew you to this, you are here by Divine Appointment. Keep your mind and heart open to what message the Universe has for you.
Now is the time! We live in cutting edge times when we are discovering exactly how powerful the human mind is. It is time to pay attention to what feedback our life is showing us about where are focusing on.
If you are like me, you probably have some very good questions about how to put the Law of Attraction into use. Having studied the law of mind action with Unity for close to sixteen years, it's finally sinking in and I am able to verbalize it for others to learn. Having it broken down into simple steps will help you create less of what you don't want and more of what you do.
Get clear on what you want. A lot of times this means first getting clear on what you *don't* want. This is where a lot of people get thrown off. They spend more time focusing on what they don't want than what they do want. And some people just take life like a victim, not realizing the power of co-creation, this is what is called living by default. I know, I did it for the first twenty-five years of my life. When we pay attention to what doesn't feel good and shift that into an empowering question, "What do I want instead?" or "What do I really want?", we shift our focus and energy to a new point of attraction. It is that clarity that begins to draw to us our next experience.
Once we figure out what we want, we need to ask for it! I am sure you've heard of the phrase "Ask and you shall receive". It really works. This truth is found taught in many ancient teachings from Plato to Buddha to Jesus. Feeling that we deserve our good, we claim it by asking. Our asking may be in the form of prayer, goal setting, treasure mapping, intending. Our asking is letting the Universe know that we feel ready to be, do, or have our desire.
By now, our good is knocking at our door. The Universe has done its part. Letting it in is our part! Unfortunately, this is where we fall down on the job. We don't answer the door? Or perhaps while the pizza was on its way, we doubted that it could ever bed delivered to our front door and it got sent back. OPEN THE DOOR, enjoy the pizza. Revel in it, give thanks, pet the cat, whatever feels good, just appreciate your life and even more good will come to you.
This ought to get you started or be a nice refresher for the using Law of Attraction in your life. Now that it has been revealed in the movie, "The Secret" and featured on Oprah, it's going to be everywhere. Now is the time to put these ancient teachings into practice.


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