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Diana Kennedy is a writer, inspirational speaker and massage therapist. She loves her job at Unity of Tallahassee where she leads the early service. Diana considers herself to be a student of life, always learning and always on the go. Visit her inter-faith site and read articles at Be sure to sign up for her monthly Ezine, The Divine Idea and peruse the Spiritual E-Courses that she offers.





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The Inner Quest

In our society, a quest is perceived as searching for and landing that perfect job, running a marathon, finding the ideal mate, or purchasing a home. It seems that the outer adventures that we embark upon are honored and recognized while the inner quest is not as fully acknowledged.  With our focus on the external we were conditioned to analyze life choices and situations in a linear way, without much room for interpretation.  The inner quest is intangible, a journey of the heart and mind where we grow and learn to access our own inner wisdom.

Traveling the inner path, we explore aspects of ourselves that we could have chosen to ignore. Instead, when we are able to move through the dark alleys of our mind, we allow ourselves to feel emotions that we once sequestered off in isolation. We embrace all parts of ourselves and gain inner strength by facing our inner demons. It is then that we come to experience the core of our Being, the Truth of who we are. Through this internal process, we get in touch with the light that we are.

We come to recognize that we are an integral part of an intelligent Universe.  We see what resources we have at our fingertips, just by going within, being silent, and exploring who we are.

Along comes a synchronistic dream, a flash of insight, or we see our lives reflected in some myth. These messages can act as a catalyst for our growth and can be a personal guide from the known into the unknown that then takes us to a new place within ourselves.  When we interpret metaphorically and symbolically, we allow our mind the freedom to interpret an infinite number of possibilities. This creates an opportunity to shift and expand our awareness about who we are and what the next step on our journey is to be.

We express to a spiritual maturity when we see that the problem is not ‘out there’. We find that the Serpent we battled lay in us all along.  Like peeling the layers of an onion, the more that is revealed, the more there is to work on. We find our self in transition.

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. In our lives there are those times when things move slowly and don’t seem to change very much. Then, suddenly, things change quickly, for example, when we find out we will soon be first time parents, or are laid off at work. Summer moves into Fall, the weather changes gradually at first, then it seems that all of a sudden, summer is over. It is the same in our lives; transitions are as natural as the changing seasons. Life transitions are challenging because they force us to let go of the familiar and face the future with a feeling of vulnerability.

The transitional stage is the middle ground that is required for personal growth to occur. It’s referred to as a liminal state, the gap between where we were and where we are going.  Usually this middle ground feels unpaved, unstable, and jagged. We stumble along with unsure footing wondering if we will ever feel confident again. Our successful transformation requires us to trust that the road will eventually be smooth. Trusting that we are safe even in the midst of change, in the darkness of uncertainty, we embark on the inner quest, traveling higher and higher as if on a rocky mountain climb.

Moving more fully into our higher self, we allow that wise part of us to guide us on our journey. We are no longer pulled from outside; there is a critical shift in our internal awareness. When we awaken to our own inner wisdom and power we move through the threshold, create a new ‘normal’, and are able to sustain a higher consciousness. We then step into a different world, for we have changed. On the inner quest, we become spiritual midwives to our own souls.

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