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Diana Kennedy is a writer, inspirational speaker and massage therapist. She loves her job at Unity of Tallahassee where she leads the early service. Diana considers herself to be a student of life, always learning and always on the go. Visit her inter-faith site and read articles at Be sure to sign up for her monthly Ezine, The Divine Idea and peruse the Spiritual E-Courses that she offers.





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Mental Diet – Food for the Soul

I just started a diet (Weight Watchers) last month. I know, I know, lots of people begin diets, and then, many times, they go back to their old ways and may end up gaining even more weight. Been there done that!

With so many weight reducing programs to choose from, which is the ‘right’ one’? There are low carbohydrate/ high fat programs, then there are the low fat ones, the super low calorie ones, etc. You can wrap yourself in saran wrap, sit in a sauna, exercise like a fiend, I’ve tried them all, yet I found my waistline (and the country’s) expanding! Eeek! There seems to be a missing ingredient!

My diet is different, it’s called a Mental Diet. I am taking a break from negative thinking! Focusing on the good. Taking in nourishment that promotes my well-being. Giving myself a good dose of self-love, turning it all over to God and releasing that which no longer serves me. Isn’t that the only Diet there really is?

So, I’m giving it up to God (or I can send my extra adipose tissue to those starving children in Ethiopia that I’ve been hearing about my whole life – "Clean your plate, there are children starving in Africa!") Now is that a good reason for me or any of us to carry around extra weight, be uncomfortable and possibly unhealthy? I think not.

How about letting go of the idea that I am not good enough? How about giving up the thought that I can’t have my heart’s desires? How about releasing those beliefs that stand in the way of me experiencing more joy? These limiting thoughts and beliefs are blocks to my own good. I am coming to see that my body is a vessel for spirit and that these blocks (represented by extra fat) are inhibiting the free flow of spirit through me. Besides, spending so much time losing and gaining it back again has been a real distraction to my spiritual growth! I decided I am ready to get over it and let it go!

It is food for the soul that nourishes me! This is what sustains me and gives me what I need to flourish. I am able to nourish my mind, body, and soul by being on a Mental Diet. Then, the Weight Watchers program (or any other one I choose to follow) will work because I am dealing with my consciousness first, and allowing the physical manifestation (the healthy, fit body) follow.

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