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Early one morning I sat down at the kitchen table with a paper and pen waiting to start writing something, anything. I had very little writing experience except for what I had done in school, so I was very apprehensive about writing things I knew nothing about. Joseth weaned me about a year later and I started writing in my own name. I don't know who Joseth is, but that is how he identified himself to me. These are his articles with only dates. A few of the later ones have titles. I have not added anything, and have made few corrections. The articles are raw and presented as-is!





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September 03, 2005

Disasters and War are Created by People

Good evening Roy, good evening Joseth.

Joseth… Nothing happens by chance or luck and everything has a purpose. There are no innocent victims and the world is the way it is because that is how the people in it have imagined it.

Roy… Why are so many people dying?

Joseth… They are trying to tell you something Roy. They are not victims, they are messengers that have willingly given up their corporal bodies to bring your attention to the fact that something is not working in the world. At some level of consciousness, all of these people over thousands of years have willing given their lives to try and tell you something. IT’S NOT WORKING!!!

Roy… What is not working?

Joseth… What ever it is that you say you desire, peace, abundance, joy, happiness; it is not coming your way. Your thought processes are not working for you and you as a world body are not listening. What you have been doing in the past to bring these things to you, your parents, your government, your religions are not working. People are dying to tell you these things. It’s time for a change in thought, in how you do things. It is past time that you started questioning what you are doing.

   Listen Roy, your churches, governments and religions are telling you to cast out your demons and enemies, destroy them! Holly wars are being fought in the name of God. It is not "I," not God that wants war. I have given you freedom to wage war or peace and it is always your choice. I am on neither side, and both sides, because you are all connected. You are the wager of war and the defender at the same time. IT IS YOU THAT IS THE DEMON, IT IS YOU THAT IS THE ENEMY and it is you that is the Saint, there is no one else, you have been doing it to yourselves for centuries, and nothing has changed. How can you expect anything different to happen?

   How long do you have to be sitting in your pews praying for God to protect your soldiers before you start thanking God that you do not have any? It is your thoughts that create your perceived necessity for them. It is your thoughts about natural disasters that bring them to you.

   You are all one, you are individualized peaces of the one soul, and it is the left hand smiting the right!

   You are not getting what you want and it is obvious, how many more thousands have to die so that you will listen. How many more thousands of years have to go bye before you change your thoughts.

   You are all one, you are killing yourselves. Natural disasters don’t happen by accident. They are created in the collective mind and represent the negative thoughts that humanity is carrying with it. If all you think about is doom and gloom, war and disaster, struggle and famine, that is what you will get; you get what you think about. How long will you continue to do the same things that have the same results, before you will realize that it simply is not working?

Roy… How does that change, how do we change?

Joseth… It is your words! Listen to how you communicate with each other and yourselves. Just listen! You must choose your words carefully and you cannot fool yourself.

   All of these things have a purpose and they are opportunities for you to express yourself; to demonstrate physically what and how you are thinking. Those that perpetrate war give opportunities for others to show mercy, kindness and humanitarian qualities. Those that involve themselves in war do so because they believe it is necessary and they create the opportunities to experience it.

   Natural disasters also give opportunity for some to experience death, while others experience kindness, selflessness, caring, anger and grief. It is all purposeful and it is all of humanity that gives these events their own special meaning. The physical body may die, but souls are never lost. Those that participate in wars and disasters do so of their own free will, from the youngest to the oldest. No soul can do a thing to another without the permission of the other at some level. All are willingly participating. They are not to be pitied but recognized, that is all they want. It is another part of yourself crying out, trying to get your attention and the message is worth repeating… IT IS NOT WORKING!!!

Roy… There are those that are going to say that this is pretty cold and indifferent if not down right insane.

Joseth… Is it not more insane to be doing the same things for centuries that are not working for you? Time has clearing shown that war does not bring peace, yet you keep doing it. The results of war always remain in the collective memory, the looser never forgets and there are no winners. Is that not insane? When you create natural disasters it is because you have pitted yourself against nature and you cannot win! On a conscious level there are few that would say they wanted a flood, draught, earth quake or volcano going off in the back yard, yet it is your subconscious thoughts and the words that you use that are creating them. Do you really need a natural disaster to be able to demonstrate selflessness or generosity? You have third world countries that are starving to death. Hell, even in your own back yard people are dying of malnutrition and disease. And that’s another thing, look at all the diseases you are bringing to you. What is the root cause for that, what is it that you want to experience that you would take such extreme measures?

   You do not have to create wars and disasters in order to bring opportunities to demonstrate the best side of you. You have plenty of scenarios around you to do that. When you become so self-centered on yourself that you are oblivious to others, you create these things in order to bring out these latent qualities, in order to demonstrate you true self.

   God does not change anything and it is your "will" that does it. I am the power but I will not interfere, I can not or you would not have free will. Do not look to me, look inside and find the courage to claim the power that will effect the changes you desire. You will always get what you desire; it is the natural law of cause and effect. Cause peace and tranquility to happen and you will experience it. Cause war and natural disasters and you will experience it. Take responsibility for your circumstances and you will also take responsibility for the power to change.

   For your own peace of mind, know that so called victims are not lost and they have not died for nothing. They live on and have merely transformed. They suffered physical death but many of them have done it a number of times. They are volunteers not victims. There is suffering in the physical sense and you experience that suffering because you are human. Spiritually these souls are still alive and they come back time and time again as messengers to help you. They bring with them opportunities for you. How you react to their circumstance is a personal choice, but it is you "en masse," that are creating the circumstance along with them. At a subconscious level you have communicated with them and agreed that an event shall occur, to bring opportunity.

   It may sound silly, ridiculous or insane and that would be my point, why are you doing it? Why have you always done it this way? What is it that you are really trying to experience and why do you need war and disasters to motivate you to do something positive or beneficial to all?

Thank you Roy, for your time and good work, please pass this on to your readers.

Roy… No, thank you for bringing this to my (our) attention, it makes perfectly good sense to me. I don’t have all the answers but I now have the awareness, and I will publish this to my site.


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