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Early one morning I sat down at the kitchen table with a paper and pen waiting to start writing something, anything. I had very little writing experience except for what I had done in school, so I was very apprehensive about writing things I knew nothing about. Joseth weaned me about a year later and I started writing in my own name. I don't know who Joseth is, but that is how he identified himself to me. These are his articles with only dates. A few of the later ones have titles. I have not added anything, and have made few corrections. The articles are raw and presented as-is!





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May 19, 2004

Good morning Roy, good morning Joseth

   Roy… Joseth, I am somewhat confused about my role in this world in relationship to the others. It would seem that there are few who would want to be helped. Many people are unhappy in what they are experiencing, but few are willing to work at improving themselves. I see few that are willing to change their believe system or things that are not working for them. I don’t see the ones that are actively looking.

   Where are the seekers, I know there are some out there?

   For my part, why would I make myself available to those that would not hear me? Is everyone looking for a quick fix and is this world not perfect the way it is? Should all be left to experience the life that they have chosen? Is it not perfect that they live in misery, lack and struggle? Do I really have any responsibility to them and where does my responsibility lie? It would seem that I am wasting my time, is that what I want to experience? As a light worker what is my job description and how to I reach the people? Did I take a wrong turn somewhere or does anyone really need my help?

   Joseth… Roy, light the way. Demonstrate through your own success that the system works. People will notice, they will come to you, inquiring minds want to know. Be successful and that is the best demonstration of any belief or system. People will want to copy your success.

   Come from a position of power and success and there will be no end of people wanting what you have.

   Think of yourself first and be as you would have others be. Do what is in your own best interest and find the peace that you seek and share it. Find the abundance that you desire and give it away. Do not try to help others; they will seek you out when they are ready.

   You are well on your way Roy, stop trying so hard and concentrate on your own purpose and desires. Do not work to give others what they want but gather abundance and welcome those that want what you have, show them how it is done.


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