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Early one morning I sat down at the kitchen table with a paper and pen waiting to start writing something, anything. I had very little writing experience except for what I had done in school, so I was very apprehensive about writing things I knew nothing about. Joseth weaned me about a year later and I started writing in my own name. I don't know who Joseth is, but that is how he identified himself to me. These are his articles with only dates. A few of the later ones have titles. I have not added anything, and have made few corrections. The articles are raw and presented as-is!





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August 19, 2003

   Simplicity is the key to "all that is." Let the universe take care of the details. Tell it what you desire and get out of the way and let it happen.

   Few men have the faith or courage it takes to let the system work, by itself. Because he believes himself to be inferior, he projects that into the universe and the system. His ego does not believe that which created all that is, would be able to handle it, without his input. The process, to his thinking, is too simple to work, it can be improved upon and it is not enough to let the system work on itís own, he must re-create the system to reflect his current belief. Manís arrogance has blinded him to the fact that it can, and has worked without his interference since time began. 

   The creator did not create the lands without the water and sun to bring nourishment and life to it. Mankind in his physical form does not need to know how it is done. He simply needs to know that it can be done. He does not have to take it apart and try to improve upon it. He simple needs to know the procedure, "Ask and you shall receive," it is the law of the universe to grant what you ask, it has no choice but to do so. Know that what you desire is purposeful, ask of it, demand it, and you shall have it.

   Simplicity is the key, and nothing more. Donít watch for it to happen, just notice that it is. Know this, it takes just as much effort to manifest $1.00 as it does $10,000,000. It is your thought that you donít deserve it or wonít get it if you ask too much, that keeps you from experiencing it. Because you donít believe that you will get it anyway, you decide to test the system by asking for little, and that is what you get back, little or nothing, depending what you root thought is, about what you are requesting. If the system that created the universe canít give you what you really desire, what good is it? It is mankind who belittles the system, because he doesnít know how to work it., or the few that do, do not want anyone else to know how to work it, less it takes something away from them. Once again, it must be perfectly clear why you desire a thing or event. For any system to be of any value, it must be observable that it works as advertised, it must be demonstrated, to the expectations of those using it. But first you must know how to work it. It should be as simple as putting a key into it, and turning it on.

   Expect to have abundance, love, happiness. Expect it, demand it, simply let it happen. Be wise about what it is you are asking for. If you ask for lots of money because you want to be happy, you will not get it. If you ask for someone to love you so that you will be happy, you will not get it. It doesnít make any sense to ask for a shovel, to that you can paint a chair. Ask for the chair in the colour that you want, and know that somehow it will be given to you. In the same manner, if you ask for $10,000,000. because it will make you happy, you will be very disappointed with the results. Know what you want and why, you must know the root thought for your request.

   You can not fool the universe or yourself. Ask for money, because you like to spend it. Thatís all its good for, that is its only function or purpose. It can not make you happy, only you can make you happy. It does not pay bills, you pay bills, money can only be spent. If spending money is the reason for you asking for it, you will get it. What you do with it, is up to you. Money does not buy anything. It is you that spends the money to get the things that you want, the power is within you, not the money. Therefore if you are not happy being broke, you will not have lasting happiness, having $10,000,000 because it will eventually be spent leaving you nothing to make you happy. A truly happy person will really enjoy spending millions of dollars, because he is already happy, he has realized the true nature of having money, that is for spending sake only, and it is being used for what it was intended.

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