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Early one morning I sat down at the kitchen table with a paper and pen waiting to start writing something, anything. I had very little writing experience except for what I had done in school, so I was very apprehensive about writing things I knew nothing about. Joseth weaned me about a year later and I started writing in my own name. I don't know who Joseth is, but that is how he identified himself to me. These are his articles with only dates. A few of the later ones have titles. I have not added anything, and have made few corrections. The articles are raw and presented as-is!





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January 14, 2004


I consider myself a very private person. I answer questions, but do not often volunteer information, except on my website. One of the greatest joys of physical life is the ability to put yourself into the position of the silent observer and look at your life without any kind of judgment. The wonder of your own life makes for a BEST SELLER or an award winning drama. With practice, anyone can separate themselves and put themselves in this lofty position of observation. From here, adjustments can be made, highlights noted and direction followed.

Learn to become a fan and admirer of your own life. From this position you can see the beauty in your own life, despite what you may think of it while you are experiencing it. You can not escape life, even death brings more life. But you can alter the experiences that you have. As the silent observer you can see where you have come from and where you are going.

I am reluctant to give away personal information about myself. However I have in this case because I wanted to demonstrate that anyone can review or evaluate there own lives, without having to turn to someone else. You are in the best position to do it. Become an observer of your life. It can be done spontaneously anytime on demand. Make a habit of detachment and observation.Self evaluation is always accurate, because it comes from your thoughts about yourself at the time you have written it down. However it changes in a heart beat. I may start off by believing one thing and when I read what I have written I will change it to better reflect my current thought. I make many revisions and modifications along the way. With more practice, it becomes more accurate and profound. You must keep in mind that what you write down is only a thought and does not become real until you make it so. If you belief what you have written you will re-create it into physical form.

When you first start out, some of your evaluations may be judgments about you, carried over in your mind from others. They will disappear as you become more experienced. Write them down anyways and make changes, until what you have written feels correct, until it truly feels like you.


Good morning Joseth, good morning Roy.

   Roy, letís talk about your life and purpose. Why did you choose to be born into the physical life at this time? I do not have to go over the circumstances of your birth and early life at this time, but will skip to your present situation.

   You have a natural attachment to physical things, rather than people. Your curiosity allows you to take things apart, down to their most basic parts. Machinery fascinates you. You are not a builder, but have a natural curiosity for how things work. The order of things is important to you. You like to take all physical things apart, including processes and people. The order of life and creation holds a strong curiosity for you.

    Being somewhere is not as important to you as preparing for the trip. But once prepared you waist no time in getting there, with few stops in between. Side trips and stops are cause for stress. You are the proverbial boy scout that is prepared for anything. You do not travel light. You anticipate all the scenarios, all the possibilities. This takes some of the spontaneity out of the equation for you, because you have already experienced your trip in your mind. Your life is about preparation, rather than doing. You are ready.

   You chose the circumstances of your life in order to practice being prepared for the next step in your evolution. That is what you are doing now. You are getting ready in this lifetime for your next.

   During your early years you spend much of your time alone, apart from your siblings or friends. You chose the family and circumstance that would give you that opportunity. It has always been important to you to do things your way, when it comes to your life. Your friends are few and far between, because you choose to be alone most of the time and keep yourself busy doing things. You have a strong desire to be productive all the time and give yourself little recreational time. Most of the time you have more projects then you have time to complete them. You come alive with the prospect of a new project or experience. Once you see the light at the end of the tunnel you begin to lose interest. Many of your projects go uncompleted, because in your mind you have already experienced that completion.

   You like flexibility in your endings, but you do not have to physically experience them. The endings are not that important to you, and you are happy just to have it over with. Any ending is a good ending for you.

   The idea of the trip is more exciting to you, than actually making the trip.

   You are an observer, you like to see things working, but you do not join in. The observance of a piece of equipment that is not working, draws you into a experience of grieving and curiosity. Heaven for you, would be in a junk yard full of discarded machinery. War blows you away, mostly because of the waist of machinery. The waist of thought and manpower to create these marvellous machines only to have them blown apart.

   The sudden ending of a life, has much the same effect on you. The body should be functioning but it is not. You tend to want to make it work again.

   You do not volunteer, but will when asked. You like to help, but most often will not offer it. You take your responsibilities seriously and are angered when distracted from them. Once you have made up your mind you donít like your decision questioned. You are always sure of the outcome, whether it gets you where you want or not. As I observed before, the ending doesnít matter that much to you.

   The handful of friends that you have, are extremely important to you. Your loyalty is unquestionable and you are angered when that is challenged. You also expect the same loyalty back and are hurt if it is not returned.

   You are reclusive, but like to be around people. You will hide from people that you know, even close friends, if they have not noticed you. You do not ask for help, but you expect your friends to be there for you, if on the rare occasion you asked for help. You will give everything for someone that is close to you. Nothing is off limits. But you do not give foolishly, you deliberate their requests.

   You let the personality take power over you, when you are in their domain. You do not like to make decisions for other people. You experience your worldly life altruistically through the people that are around you. You can experience their lives without having to get too close.

   Although your natural tendency is to collect things, you understand the importance of their place in the world. Freedom, theirs and yours are more important. It does not matter whether it is a rock or a pet.

   As a rule, you do not venture out on your own, and prefer a guide. Your choices are usually inspired by others, but once made, you return often. You find comfort in familiarity, but also become bored easily. Old relationships are important to you, but you can walk out of them as easily as a new one. Once again loyalty is your prime reason for maintaining a relationship. It is the most intimate of circumstances in your mind. Intimacy for you is about feelings and confidentialities. It is not physical or sexual. Betrayal of any confidentiality in your mind is reason for separation.

   You are a contemplator and are quite content to live in the silence of you own thoughts. Silence is one of the most cherished conditions in your busy life. You are loving and affectionate, you are a hugger, you like to touch and be touched. You also enjoy the attention without verbalizing. You seek support and affirmation, but do not look for someone to fix things for you. You know you can do it yourself. You do not like to have someone tell you what to do, but seek options and support.

   As a teacher, you seek to have others surpass what you are teaching. It gives you great delight to see the success of others that have used your counsel. You give freedom and expect it. You do not like others to be depend on you and you strive to have them independent of you. In this independence you seek loyalty and recognition. You make strong and often very empowering connections with people. You give your energy 100% and allow others to drain you. You are opinionated and strong minded. You believe what you say and donít like to be challenged. You also allow others the same freedom. You easily recognize the things you do not like about yourself in others, and turn away from them very quickly. Your values change frequently and are flexible, but you are also stubborn. You will listen to others, then walk away and consider your situation.

   Roy, your life has purpose. You are an observer of life, a supporter, a true friend and loyal. You seek comfort, loyalty, companionship, love and adoration, silence and solitude, recognition and gratitude, sun and shade. Intimacy is one of mind and spirit. You offer love, support and freedom. Your tendency is towards truth and simplicity. Your one desire is to experience and share unconditional love with another.

   Roy, these observations are yours. Although you believe that I have given them to you, I did not. We are one, therefore we share the same mind, attributes and characteristics of the one. Anyone can receive the same information. There is no need to look outside of yourself to find yourself. You do not have to go to another to be evaluated or read. I have clearly demonstrated that here. You are the best observer of your own life. Take the position of the silent observer at any time and witness the circumstances of your own life.


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