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Early one morning I sat down at the kitchen table with a paper and pen waiting to start writing something, anything. I had very little writing experience except for what I had done in school, so I was very apprehensive about writing things I knew nothing about. Joseth weaned me about a year later and I started writing in my own name. I don't know who Joseth is, but that is how he identified himself to me. These are his articles with only dates. A few of the later ones have titles. I have not added anything, and have made few corrections. The articles are raw and presented as-is!





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July 10, 2004

Good morning Joseth, good morning Roy.

What is it that you dislike so much about a person, that you are willing to give up or risk everything? What is it that angers you the most?

You could try to spend some time trying to find this persons good qualities, but would it make you feel less angry? The chances are you would still feel the same way about them, you would still be harbouring ill feelings about them. As hard as you may try, it may get worse the more you think about the person. If you are looking at the physical person and making judgments, you will not change your feelings. What is it about this person that you are responding to?

In creating the circumstances of your life, you draw into your awareness, people and things that best facilitate what you want to experience at the time. This person that you so much dislike is just such a symbol. This person was drawn into your life for purpose. Consider what they bring into your life, a gift, be it good or bad as you see it at the time. If you recognize this first without making judgments, you can then move into the position of discovering why you have brought them to you. What is it that you want to experience? There are always commonalities between you, the people in your life and the circumstances. Do not try to dismiss your feelings of anger. They are appropriate albeit not the present situation.

This person is a physical manifestation of your thought process, a symbol of whatís going on in your head at the time and most recent history, now brought to the surface. What you are looking at is a mirror version of your discarded self.

This person represents that part of you that you have dismissed or buried long ago, that you dislike so much. They are now confronting you, so that you have an opportunity to resolve any hidden issues you have with yourself. You have another chance to reconcile yourself with the issues that this person brings to you, because the time and place is best for change to happen. It is a perfect time for self evaluation and forgiveness. Not for the other person, but of yourself.

As you recognize the qualities in them that you donít like about yourself, you will be able to forgive yourself, and move forward into a higher state of enlightenment. You will become aware that the person you feel the most anger towards is yourself. Through the presence of this person in your life you will gain insight into your nature, and at some point you will be able to own and take responsibility for your discarded self. What you give away, comes back to you. What you hold, you loose. If you do not own these feelings, you will never be able to give them away. You cannot give something away that you do not own.

As this awareness gives rise to enlightenment, this alter ego will have less and less power over you and the anger will disappear.

As these people are drawn into your life, notice them. They are opportunities. Look at the circumstances in your recent history and draw a connection between the person and the circumstances. Notice your feelings towards this person and remember that they represent a personal feeling you have about yourself, that you have discarded. They are symbols, sent to help you. You created them at the right time and place. They are actually angels, sent to you, because you asked for them. Thank them and they will disappear. Fight them and they will stay. The one that you are fighting symbolically is yourself. Know this, and fall in love with yourself once again. Love all the parts of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly. And as these people are drawn into your life, know that it is perfect that they do so, because you have created them. You do not have to forgive them, but forgive yourself. Recognize the opportunity, not the person.


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