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Early one morning I sat down at the kitchen table with a paper and pen waiting to start writing something, anything. I had very little writing experience except for what I had done in school, so I was very apprehensive about writing things I knew nothing about. Joseth weaned me about a year later and I started writing in my own name. I don't know who Joseth is, but that is how he identified himself to me. These are his articles with only dates. A few of the later ones have titles. I have not added anything, and have made few corrections. The articles are raw and presented as-is!





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January 10, 2004

Good Morning Roy, good morning Joseth.

   On the subject of spirituality. How does one put a key in to it, turn it on and make it work for you on demand?

   The very first step in making any change, is to know that you can, and that it is you that is in charge, and it is you that is going to be making the changes. It is you that makes the decision or choices that bring changes into you life. You are the captain.

   It is never going to happen if you give up your power to God, Jesus or any other outside imagined power. I qualify "outside power," with the knowledge that the power lies within you, that you are not separate from God, Jesus or any other entity.

   You can not control what you do not have. If you believe that the power for change lies somewhere else, you are at the mercy of that power, and you are not going to be effective in making any changes.

   I gave you the power long before you where born. The power has always been with you. If you do not believe that, there is little sense in reading any further, you simple are not ready yet. Yet note that this simple action of not reading any further is a demonstration of your power not to effect change. You are making the decision. You are clearly demonstrating where the power lies.

   If you decide that you do not have the power, fine, youíll simple have to go through regular channels and beg for what it is youíll never get. That is still your choice and your power demonstrated.

   If you are ready to move one now, and agree that the power is within you to alter your environment and the circumstances of your life, where do you go from here? Acceptance, the first step is actually the easiest. The next step is the hardest. You now know that you have the power and you are in charge of it. What do you do with it? What is your desire?

   In order to make a decision to use your power, you must know what it is you truly desire. And in order to know what you truly desire, you must be painfully honest with yourself. This part is the most difficult, because you must consider yourself first. Ouch! This is not what you have been taught most all your life. In fact you have been taught the exact opposite. These are the statements that are going to be hard to swallow. "YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR LIFE."--YOUR DESIRES AND FEELINGS ARE ABOVE ALL OTHERS.--THE ONLY TRUE PURPOSE TO YOUR LIFE IS TO SATISFY YOU OWN DESIRES.

   These statements are the absolute truth, the most difficult to accept and a belief in them is the only way that you can use your power to gain what you desire. If you can not accept this as your truth, then once again, you need not read any further. You are not ready to move out of your box yet.

   Having accepted this revelation, as your new truth, you are ready to put the key into the machine and begin to make it work for you. How do you do that?

   Begin, by making decisions that will take you where you say you want to go or what you say you it is that you desire.

   Now, I mentioned that you are going to have to be painfully honest with yourself. You can not lie to yourself, ever! It simply wonít work for you. Listen to your thoughts as you start asking yourself some serious questions about what you want. You will begin always with "I want," but you will end up thinking, "Ya, but." I canít have it, because! If I do this, that will happen. If I think of myself first, someone else may suffer. If I do this for myself first, I will be selfish. I donít deserve this. I am asking too much. If I only ask for a little, I may get it.

   Your old training is dominating and directing your life. Hear these voices, they are strong. Feel the guilt and fear as you begin to think of something you desire. Do you feel selfish?

   What does, "I want to be happy mean," to you? Does it mean giving something up? Does it mean giving up your family or your job? Guilt has got you in a tight grip. You will begin to make all the "Ya but," statements again as you move away from what you truly want.

   If you are at a point of higher awareness, you can move your thoughts to the position of being the "silent listener."

   Try this. As you listen from this lofty position. Be really selfish here, and consider that you can have it, if only you say it, out loud. "I really, really and truly want to be happy, I want to move to a small tropical island, and do nothing except, enjoy the sand, beach and palm treesóthatís what "I want." HOLD THIS THOUGHT FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN.

   How long did it take before, you started thinking, this is nonsense, I canít do it becauseóI have a wife and kids, they would suffer. How would I support them? I have responsibilities. I canít just pick up and leave.

   Listen to your dialogue, remember it is only you that is listening and you are not going to make any judgments. As you go through these thoughts, can you now feel the fear and panic at even thinking such a thing.

   From the lofty position of silent observer, where is this all coming from? First in you evaluation, consideró"to thine own self be true."

   What is it that you really have to give to the world or others, if you have nothing, are nothing and do nothing? Whom are you serving? If you are subservient to others, you have given up your power already, whether it is to family or strangers. You are only here to serve, not give. And what is it that you are giving if you do not own it? If you act out of responsibility, is it not really from guilt because you do not see yourself as responsible or may have changed your mindówhat is it that you are giving? Beyond the illusion of responsibility is the true answer. If you acquiesce to the wishes of others from the false position of responsibility to another, you are living a lie. YOU ARE NEVER RESPONSIBLE TO ANOTHER, EVER, unless you truly know yourself as responsible and it is from free choice, because it demonstrates who you are. Responsibility turns into giving and giving from choice, is not responsibility. NO SOUL IS EVER RESPONSIBLE TO ANOTHER!

   The second issue here, is, if you are doing things to make yourself happy, you are doing it all backwards. Your happiness can never be assured. If you believe that buying that new car will cause you to be happy. Then consider what happens when the car turns out to be a lemon, where does your happiness go. If you want true and lasting happiness, be happy first, then go out and do happy things, like buying a car. You will already be happy, and the car will be a bonus. Act, donít react. The results will be more promising and perpetual.

   Honesty is going to be your guide in demonstrating what it is you desire. Get away from the fear, guilt, and "ya, buts." Consider your desires first, without all this stuff. Without doing anything about it. You have nothing to lose at this moment. After all you are just considering a desire, not acting on it right now.

   This is going to be your first big step. Itís safe, you are just thinking out loud for now.

   If you can get through this thought process without all the guilt, fear and questions, you are ready for the next step.

   If you can make the statement for exampleóI want to be a writer, I want to write a book, I want to make millions, I want to be famous, I want to help people, and not add anything negative after this statement or feel guilty, you are ready. For it to work, it should be that simple, that emphatic and said with authority. You should be able to hold that thought for more than a few minutes in complete silence without any further thought. If you can not, then repeat the statement until you can. "I want to be a great father and provider, I am making my family my priority at the exclusion of any outside interests." Or "I am dedicating my life to ____, at the exclusion of anything or anyone else in my life-- I place my own wishes and importance above all else, because this is how I see myself, as the writer, the provider, the dedicated ___.

   You have made a true and honest statement about a desire you have, and are ready to manifest it in your life. If there are any trailing thoughts, you are not yet ready for the next step.

   If you are not representing your truth self to the world, your family, your relationships, what is it that you are giving them, and who is doing the giving.

   Are you not simply responding to other peopleís desires, rather than your own? In order to get out of the box, first there has to be a desire to do so. If you donít believe that you are in a box, then you are fooling yourself, and where is there to go, anyway. The test of that thought process of course would be to make a decision to do something, a major decision and then follow through with it, without guilt or remorse. Leave your job, your family, abandon your friends, and do it without guilt.

   When you make decisions that come from complete honesty with yourself, the decisions will always work for you, when you are not honest, you become resentful.

   "I am happy now, my life has meaning, I do and have what I want!" Can you make this statement without any trailing thoughts? If there are any remaining thoughts after this statement, then these thoughts, become your new truth. The first statement is what you want to be "your" truth always. Do only those things that reflect this truth, anything else is a lie. Make this statement often in your life and notice if anything comes afterwards. Whether it is a feeling or another thought.

   What happens, when you make the above statement and the thought follows, I want to share these feelings. What is it that you have to give up, or do you have to give up anything?

   If you are being completely honest in a relationship and especially to yourself, you NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up anything, that represents who you are. It would be a lie, and the worst blasphemy. You never deny yourself, for another.

   Would it be blasphemy to help another from guilt or responsibility? Yes, of course, if you donít see yourself as giving or responsible, you would deny yourself and that would be a lie. It would not be wise to do it.

   What do you give up in the search for the perfect partner. If it is a good match, you give up nothing that would compromise who you are. In any relationship, one makes adjustments. But a wise person never gives up his identity for another. Love sets you free, it does not hold you back. Co-dependency with another is mutual dishonesty. If you abandon yourself, your desires, for another, what is it that you are truly giving up.

   Love is a good pre-requisite for an intimate partnership, but is not a substitute for honesty. It simple doesnít work. You will be found out sooner or later and love for another sometimes dies.. If you are honest with yourself your partner will accept you at face value and honour what you have shown yourself to be. If your partner doesnít like what she sees or knows about you and wants to leave the relationship, you will still have what you went into it with, if you have been honest with yourself. The "relationship," should not be the focus. It is really all about you, in relationship to another.

   The true definition of life is change, and it is you that is directing, creating the changes in your life. To consciously make the system work for you, do not loose site of who is in the driverís seat. It is you, itís not your partner, nor the relationship. Itís not God, Jesus or the Great Buddha. Itís not the guard that keeps you locked up. You put yourself into the drama and circumstances of your life. The importance of being in the position of the silent observer of you life can not be over emphasized. It is he that you will turn to, to remember your true self. You must maintain contact with that part of you. You must, separate yourself from the circumstances in order to experience them in a safe environment. You are as God watching yourself create beingness in the drama of physical life, but your are not part of it.

   Being in control of your life is about knowing were the power lies, and being true to yourself. There is never a moment when you are not in control, even when you believe you are not.

   When you lose site of that fact you lose or give up control of your circumstances. Itís the one that holds the key, that can turn the system on at will.

   The silent observer sees this and understands and says nothing. The silent observer always is aware of who holds the key and where the power is. Spirituality is always about you, not your circumstances. You are spirit, and the circumstances of your life are simply manifestations of your thought process, being played out in a three dimensional matrix. Itís an illusion. It is purposeful and always under your control. Use the illusion, understand it for what it is. Be part of it, but not controlled by it. Always demonstrate that what you see yourself as being. To thine own self be true.


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