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Early one morning I sat down at the kitchen table with a paper and pen waiting to start writing something, anything. I had very little writing experience except for what I had done in school, so I was very apprehensive about writing things I knew nothing about. Joseth weaned me about a year later and I started writing in my own name. I don't know who Joseth is, but that is how he identified himself to me. These are his articles with only dates. A few of the later ones have titles. I have not added anything, and have made few corrections. The articles are raw and presented as-is!





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December 14, 2003

The silent observer, who is he. Is it me watching myself, from outside of myself, or am I watching from within? Is it the creator watching me from a distance? Is it the creator watching from the silence between the atoms that make up my body? Is it myself looking back on myself from a distance outside of myself? If I am contained within the body or space of the creator, am I not looking back at the creator. I am really the silent observer of myself.

   But why am I silent, why am I observing myself.? What is the purpose of such an observation, if I am me, being me, why am I silent? Is it because, there is not really anyone else to talk to? In this whole illusion of myself, can I really communicate with myself? What would be the purpose of such communication, would I be talking into space?

   What is the purpose of a mirror? If I already know what I look like, what is it that I am looking for? Is it the changes in my reflection that I am observing, or is it a verification that I am still here, still alive and unchanged? If I can not see myself, does that mean that it is not the same person, am I observing me or another? Who do I see when I look into the mirror? Is this the same person I knew 20 years ago, or has my memory just shifted into a different body?

   I sense the same me within my body. Have I changed or has the illusion changed? Who is it that I am looking at? My spirit feels the same, the essence of who I am remains the same. Does the silent observer change? Does he see the changes, or is he the change itself? When I look into the mirror, am I seeing the silent observer change?

   Is it the silent observer who is defining me, or am I defining the silent observer? Who is observing who? Am I simply living in a house of mirrors watching myself from every possible angle? What is it that I am looking for, and why am I silent? Non silence is communication. In the silence, am I communicating. If I am all there is, why would I communicate anyways?

   What is the purpose of sound, why would I want to communicate with myself? What would I tell myself, if I was all there is? What is the purpose of sight and sound?

   What does an echo do? Within my body I can only talk to myself, because there is no other. When I see myself and hear myself, what does that do for me? What is the purpose of watching and hearing myself? What is it in "change" and "echo" that I desire. Does the echo give me dimension, when I hear myself speak, does that not create time and space? If I cry into the valley, and listen to the distance, I have created dimension, within myself. In the nothingness of distance echoís a voice, it is my voice, where did it go and where did it come from? Is it me yelling back at myself, is that what an echo is? Do the changes represent time and space? Does time and space give me dimension? Am I just a picture hanging on the wall, always static with no dimension?

   If I have no dimension, what am I? If I have no dimension, do I occupy space? If I do not occupy space am I here or am I there, or am I not? Is the only life there is, three dimensional? Can I exist without space and time? Who is this silent observer, and what is his purpose, but to give time and space, dimension to that which I believe myself to be?

   To create the illusion of existence, the definition of life is neither here nor there! It simply is in the illusion of creation, of creating dimension. It is the act itself, not a state of being. Life ceases to be, when the act of creating time and space is ended. It is that process, that gives awareness. That awareness exists only in the mind of the silent observer.

   Life has no meaning, except in the process of creating dimension. Within this constraint of time and space , do we exist? It is within the movement that we define ourselves, as living.

   All of life exists at once and in the same time and space. The silent observer is the only witness to this movement. It is self creating awareness, through the process of life in time and space. The purpose of life therefore, is self realization through the process of creating space and time. Is self realization life?

   The process started somewhere? It was created. If it was created then there had to be life before the process began. Thought therefore does not have to be life. A thought can exist in a lifeless form. It is thought that wished to experience itself, so it created life, through the process of time and space. (relativity).

   Life therefore is only one existence. Thought exists in another dimension that is lifeless. Therefore thought has a desire to experience itself in another dimension, called life. Therefore thought is a creative force. It is thought that is our creator. Thought is not life, it is the creator of life. Life is the expression of thought. Thoughts are volatile and come and go in a nanosecond. Thought is endless, because it does not exist in time and space. So what is thought?

   If it is not of this dimension, then can it be described within the concepts of time and space? Does it help us to know what it is, other than, it is that which gives us life. Certainly our curiosity was also created by thought. Curiosity always needs to be satisfied. At some point we therefore will discover, will understand what thought is.

   We therefore must come from "not," understanding. We must go full circle, we must create dimension, we must get back to where we started from in order to complete the process. This is the mythology about our creator. This is what you are tying to understand. This is what your religions are trying to explain. This is the meaning of your life, all of you. It is my thought, you are the process and you shall return to me! Only then will I be satisfied. Only then will I know myself. Only then will I be complete, in this matter.

   In this life I remember (re-member) how much I know, and how much I have yet to remember. I am creating an awareness of something yet to come. Of another existence, of non-life.

   Physical life is the foundation or launching pad for a new awareness that is to be yours. Life will be repeated time and time again until I thoroughly experience who I am and what my purpose is. Until all aspects of myself have been experienced. There is no escape for you as a species from life, until you have experienced all that life has to offer. You will live, die, live, die, in your terms, as many times as you see fit, in order to experience who I am. In your terms there is only life, there is only the process, death is also an illusion for you. You are physical creatures existing in the physical universe, with endless possibilities. This physical universe can exist no where else, except within my thought process, within me. I will not destroy that which is mine, or which is me. All of life was created at the same time. I can not create that which already is. I can only experience it.

   You are already there, you can not exist anywhere else in your form. Life is special, it exists within your five senses. You were given dominion over your environment and yourselves to procreate and destroy. But even in your death, you create new life. Your importance can not be over emphasized. But you are not all there is.

   You are part of all there is. The destruction of your planet and of itís life forms will not bring the end of all life, just your existence. Your awareness will become part of the collective awareness of my memory. The end of your existence is inevitable. Yet it is endless, for it exists in my thoughts and it is an endless cycle.

   I have given you life, but I do not tell you or direct you in how to live it. That would not serve me. The only thing that is of concern to me, is that you exist. That you are part of the process of life. That you are the process. How you live it is up to you, and I make no judgements. You were given the power and opportunity to experience your life in anyway you see fit. There are no conditions, THERE CAN NOT BE. I will never punish you for living, I can not. Punishment is a human convention. It comes from those to whom you have given up your power to. Your governments and religious leaders. Only man punishes man and only you can give your power away. NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR POWER. At some level you give it up. And yet these institutions are also an illusion, they are made up of the people who have created them. Take away the people and you are left with no institution.

   DO NOT LOOK TO ME FOR HELP OR GUIDANCE. You are already empowered. You are in charge, not me. If you donít like the way that you live, change it. No one else can. You must agree, at some level to everything in your life, before it can happen. That is the simple truth. You live in poverty, sickness and despair, because you choose to. You manifestations are not mine. You will continue to always live in these conditions, until you discover that it is you, and only you that are creating them. Thatís the simple truth. Understand this and you will know a great secret. Take responsibility and the right action will follow. Know yourself as the creator of all the circumstances of your life and you will regain your power. You do not have power over anything that you do not own. Forget this and you will give you power away easily. The plain truth is you create your misery, do not look anywhere else. And do not look to me or others to change it. They do not have the power over your life nor the authority, to do so.

   The life process was never meant to be difficult or filled with suffering. You experience what you think . Control your thoughts and you will have dominion over your life. Rid yourself now and forever of any thought, that I am in control of your life, I AM NOT!

   I AM THE SILENT OBSERVER. Be grateful only that you have life, this is for your benefit only, not mine. Do not bow to me, do not give me homage, and do not try to give your power back to me. I can not take it back.

   Learn from your mistakes, notice what works for you and what doesnít work for you, and DO NOT REPEAT THE MISTAKES. Do not learn from history, it hasnít worked for you so far. Do not dwell in the past., but move forward. History was written by the people who created it. They were not always correct, accept maybe in their time, given the model they each had of their world. Look ahead into your future at the world you want to create. Identify the values that you can all agree on, and keep this image in your mind, then proceed to create it.

   History can be entertaining and interesting, it holds little value in the present moment. By all means keep your museums and history books. But use your gained wisdom to guide you in the future. Create a new standard, that reflects your current values, not the values of your forefathers. Enhance the ones you can agree one and forget the rest. Do not dwell in the past, life is always moving, move with it, because you are it. Be ever conscious that you are always creating from thought. Listen to your thoughts, your intuition. Decide first, if this is what you wish to create. Does it reflect your current values. Think always about high values. Make all your thoughts life affirming.

   Men of wisdom talk of ideals, average men talk of things, and men of low esteem talk about other people.

   Be in the physical world, but understand the illusion. You are in this world, but not of it. It doesnít exist. You are my thought, you are a thought manifested. You are a physical thought. There is no other thought, other than mine. You are me experiencing myself in the physical world. Know this and your life will have greater meaning. You will have more control over what you want to experience. Life will not be so difficult, once you accept responsibility for it, and accept fully, the power, that is already yours.


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