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Early one morning I sat down at the kitchen table with a paper and pen waiting to start writing something, anything. I had very little writing experience except for what I had done in school, so I was very apprehensive about writing things I knew nothing about. Joseth weaned me about a year later and I started writing in my own name. I don't know who Joseth is, but that is how he identified himself to me. These are his articles with only dates. A few of the later ones have titles. I have not added anything, and have made few corrections. The articles are raw and presented as-is!





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August 2003

   Know always that I am with you. You are not outside of me, but within my body. You are me, in "all" ways. Listen now to what I have to say. There is no where that I am not. You can recognize me in everything, for that is what I am, everything. Your life force enters your body through the air that you breath. Without the air, your body will die. It is said, that things are created out of thin air, and that is basically correct. Molecules are congealed and made dense to create matter.

   The air is what you have been looking for. It is in and around everything. Where there is no air, there is no life. Life comes from the nothingness between the molecules. You can feel me enter your body with each breath that you take. So breath deeply, know that I am with you always, you can feel me. I move in and out of your body, I bring new life to you, and release the dead cells back into the atmosphere.

   Close your eyes now, knowing this, slowly breath in. Feel your body as you inhale, feel the urgency as the air enters your lungs. Feel the instant satisfaction. Your body, and so, your consciousness is aware of this life force. Now hold your breath for a few seconds, feel the panic and fear begin to well up in your body. Your body is beginning to loose life. Now breath in filling your lungs with the essence of that which created you.

   You do not have to search very far to feel my presence directly. I am with you always. You can feel and see the effects of my presence. When you want to get close to me, watch and become aware. Watch. as I move the branches on the trees. I support the birds as they fly on invisible vibrations of life’s consciousness. Notice the waves on the ocean, in the puddle at your feet. That is me, I am everywhere. Feel me again on your face and in you hair. Know my friends, that I am with you now, in every second of every moment of now. Take another deep breath and feel the life come once again into your body. KNOW ME, SEE ME, FEEL ME, BREATH ME.  Love is all there is!

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