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Early one morning I sat down at the kitchen table with a paper and pen waiting to start writing something, anything. I had very little writing experience except for what I had done in school, so I was very apprehensive about writing things I knew nothing about. Joseth weaned me about a year later and I started writing in my own name. I don't know who Joseth is, but that is how he identified himself to me. These are his articles with only dates. A few of the later ones have titles. I have not added anything, and have made few corrections. The articles are raw and presented as-is!





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November 30, 2003

Good morning Roy, good morning Joseth.

   Roy, man has the capacity to live in happiness and abundance. Freedom, was guaranteed to man, before he was ever born. There has always been and still is enough abundance on earth, that can be shared equally. Life was never meant to be miserable, difficult or suffering. At some level man chose those things. At some level man told man that suffering was righteous and holy. "IT IS NOT!" Why would anyone want to discover spirituality and wholeness under such conditions? Why would anyone buy into that stuff? It is the Ďoneí that has everything, or the Ďoneí that has given up, that would tell you these things. One would be out of greed, and the other from jealousy.

   This idea of ĎGodí that man has should boggle the most sane person. That an intelligent man would buy into this, just as easily as the simple man. A wise man would run from such a proposal.

   Why would you buy, using your  common sense, from the rich man, a car, that he advertises as a gas guzzler, in poor condition, uncomfortable, hard to maneuver, and has poor gas mileage? What sane man would put out his hard earned cash for this car? A wise man would recognize it for what it was. A smart man would try and figure out what the deal was, and a simple man, would walk right into it.

   This is what your religions are offering you. You can have it, if you can afford it, but you will really have to be humble and suffer for it. What makes this sales pitch work for so many people. The pitch is more powerful that the car salesmanís, because it has the element of punishment. Can you imagine how many poor quality cars the man could sell, if there was a punishment of eternal damnation attached to the deal if you did not purchase his car? And the most ridiculous part of this deal is you get the fear and punishment only when you buy the car. If you donít want it, Iíll have my boys in the back yard give you a personal test drive to a hot climate. The other thing is that when you buy this lemon, you must tell everyone how great it is. You must go out and sell cars for me. The free trip offer is the same. Instill fear into your neighbours, so that they will buy from you.

   The greatest selling pitch that organized religion has, even better than unconditional love, is the "fear factor," and it is well played out. What is it that causes good people to buy fear, you would think the product should speak for itself. Fear holds you in itís grip and it is the only thing that holds you. It laughs at you, and demoralizes you. It beats you into submission. Highly intelligent and powerful people are humbled and brought to there knees, by this fear. Fear is the opposite of love. Love can not be in the same space as fear. Try this if you donít believe me, in the silence of your space now, declare that God is dead, denounce God, call God a moron, or any other derogatory remark you can think of. Feel the fear, that you have when you say it. Most people will not be able to utter the words, those that do will ask for forgiveness. The fear is powerful.

   Mankind has forgotten who he really is and is easy pray for those amongst you who teach intolerance and fear, man is a victim of the fear he has instilled upon himself. He has created a "false god," that punishes at his whim, for the smallest of infractions. He is lead easily by the power he has given his religious leaders. "It is not I, that has created religion," I take only the responsibility for giving man his freedom to create anything that he wishes. But I do not either endorse it or condemn it. I am simply making an observation that what you have created, is not working for you, given what you say you want and where you are going with it. I am not that which makes your life miserable, it is you, and you do it from the position of free choice and you do it very well. You have given up your power to others in exchange for a false sense of security. It is fear that is holding you back from taking back what is rightfully yours. You have made it almost impossible to reach me, except through the institutions that you have set up. Before religion, you were always aware of my presence, you sensed me, you had an awareness of your connection.

   Most of you have lost the connection, you go to halls with stained glass windows with symbols of my world, depicted by your leaders. NON OF THIS IS ME, you can not reach me there. There is no secret to communing with me, there is no ritual that can bring you to me, there is no one that can pray for your soul. I can not be any place other that where I am, and I am everywhere and in everything, you are looking in the wrong place. Even the most enlightened amongst you, have made ritualism out of spirituality. You have made it almost impossible to communicate with me. Your prayers have less content and too much fluff. You must know that you are worthy to come to me anytime. You were worthy when you left me and you are worthy now. It is your mind that is getting in the way. It is your rituals and your words. THERE IS NOTHING YOU HAVE TO DO , BE, OR SAY TO GET TO ME. Simple allow yourself to be assimilated into your surroundings and you will know me. Empty your mind, and I will fill it. You do not need any ones approval. You did not need it before you where born, and you do not need it now. You can not reach me on the road most travelled. Itís a solemn thought of me, simply an awareness.

   Your existence was designed to be joyous, healthy and abundant. You have willingly turned away from this life, do not look to me to change it. I can not, once again I have given you free will, I will not interfere. It is a natural law. Your circumstances can change in a heartbeat with the simple decision to change it. You alone have the power to change your life in any fashion that you choose. You also have chosen to be a victim of your own ignorance. You have bound yourself with paper chains, and feel helpless to break them.

   In order to free yourself, you must walk away from everything that you now know, everything that you believe and everything that you believe to be your truth. You must be willing to give it all up. You must walk away from fear. It is your decision and yours alone. That my friend is unconditional love, move past the fear and you will know freedom. Give it up, if you dare and you will become your own master. You have the key in your pocket, what is holding you back, what is stopping you, really, what is stopping you?

   Peace on earth comes from the idea that you can have it, not that some one else is going to get it for you. It is not a wish or a desire, it is a reality that you choose. Know peace and you shall have it, know abundance and it shall be yours, choose happiness and you will be happy. GO BLINDLY, OPEN YOURSELF UP FOR THE POSSIBILITIES, GIVE IT NO THOUGHT!

   A good leader does not create followers, but more leaders. A good leader does not create religion, but encourages one to go their own way. A good leader does not announce himself as such, but walks amongst you and serves by example. "If you see the Buddha walking down the street, run from him, for he is a false Buddha." You will not reach me, until you begin to accept responsibility for your own life. You had that once, and you gave it away. Take back you power, and know me, I am already with you, not outside of your or out there anywhere, I am everywhere. I am not anyone elseís idea. I am you idea. Do not worship me or follow me, you can not find me. Only then will you know me.


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