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Early one morning I sat down at the kitchen table with a paper and pen waiting to start writing something, anything. I had very little writing experience except for what I had done in school, so I was very apprehensive about writing things I knew nothing about. Joseth weaned me about a year later and I started writing in my own name. I don't know who Joseth is, but that is how he identified himself to me. These are his articles with only dates. A few of the later ones have titles. I have not added anything, and have made few corrections. The articles are raw and presented as-is!





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November 4, 2003

Good morning Roy, good morning, Joseth.

   Roy, there is a need for clarity in regards to one's understanding of who I am. "I AM," everything, there is nothing that I am not. The universe is composed of the same elements, all of which are the elements of my body. You are in fact made of "God Stuff." All living and none living things in the universe are quit literally made from me, you are my body. You are living organisms within the body of the creator, which is me. You have purpose and awareness.

   There is only one mind, that is my mind. It is my mind that does the thinking. It is my energy that gives you life. You could not survive without me, nor could I survive without you. I have an awareness of your existence as you do mine. We are intimately connected, and all things within my body communicate with the other parts. You have individuality so that I might know myself in all aspects of myself, through you physically. You are as cells in my body. As long as I live, so shall you. When the cells in a body work in harmony with their purpose, the body goes on. When they do not they produce illness, and may become cancerous. They can kill the body. If I die, so do you.

   Your purpose is to keep my body, healthy, by in turn keeping yourselves healthy. Your body's cells are born and die naturally, this is within the framework of your purpose and existence. When too many cells die off or grow to quickly problems begin. Anti bodies are introduced to correct the situation, and a new awareness is created and harmony is restored. It is the natural tendency for the body to exist in harmony.

   I have sent you such antibodies, you call them messengers. Over a period of time you have received many of them. The message has always been the same, and has always been ignored by most of humanity, you are out of control, you are killing yourselves and putting me in danger. You are overpopulated and underfed. You are unhealthy and are becoming cancerous. You are on the verge of destroying yourselves en mass. The situation must be corrected.

   You must listen to the messengers. Itís not too late to turn your situation around, and become healthy again. Know that you have the power, itís all about you, no one else, and it always was. You must have the will to change. Mankindís ego is large. You wish to think that you are independent of me, that you do not need me. That is incorrect, and that thought will kill you. You are in my body, you are part of all that I am. I do not wish to have a part of my body destroyed, as you would not wish to have cancer. You are headed in that direction. That part of you that is your mind, is telling you that now. Stop destroying yourselves. Begin to work as you were created, follow your purpose. Know your importance to the greater picture and you will live.

   I am you creator, I am your life and you are killing me. I can not allow that to happen, that is not my will. My will is to live. Get paste the control of your ego. You can not survive on ego alone, because you are not separate from me. Simply know this, believe it and you will have eternal life in my body. Kill your host and you kill yourself. Unless your host kills you first. Twice before you thought you could do it on your own. Twice before you almost wiped yourselves out. I will give you the means to do it again. I will give you the technology as I have done so before. I have given you free will, and I am beside myself to do anything to prevent your destruction. You must rise above the ability to destroy yourselves. Your awareness must be greater than your ability. If this is alarming to you, thatís great, act on it. Be alarmed, be pro-active. Reason it out in your mind, you simply canít go on the way you have been. Turn around now, not sometime in the future or tomorrow, but now. Few of you will survive the healing process, that is on itís way.

   You have no time left. You have had millennia to think about it. You must not allow your ego to think that you are greater than the force that created you. Use you history, remember the last major catastrophe, remember your lost world. You are in the same position now. You have had your 1st, 2nd, and third warnings. Do not wait for any more, they are not coming. Understand this, YOUR TIME IS UP. Turn around now. Heal your planet and yourselves and I will be healed. You are fighting a natural system that is indifferent to your feelings. If the system sees you as a threat, it will cut you out. Antibodies do not care about your death. They see your removal as life affirming to the bigger picture. Your system is in the early stages of extinction. The system will fight back, on that you can bet your life.

   Be aware of your own body, look within and see how it works. You are my body, it works the same way. You have a model with you always. Open your eyes and see. Understanding your relationship to me is your first step back to wholeness or recovery. You have awareness, you have control of your destiny en mass. What would you choose, you do not have any other choices, other than life or death? YOU DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT, CHOOSE NOW. Donít kid yourself, the time for thinking is long gone. Make your choice to survive, while you have the opportunity. What you see around you, can still be repaired in a heart beat, but first you must have consensus. You must have agreement en mass to choose life and to do what every is necessary to affirm it. You can not even try, you must do it. The decision starts right now, not even in the next minute.

   This message is not hysteria, this is for real. Be an observer, can you say with any certainty that it is all a lie? Can you see the wars, the poverty and inequity around you and still deny it? Can you say that you, as a species are healthy? You are considering your life at this moment, can you be so cavalier as to say its not happening? If you can close your eyes to all of this, you are already doomed, you have already made your decision, you have already condemned yourselves. You are agreeing to terminate you existence, and when that is done en mass, you will surely have your way, you will die as a species.

   Are you alarmed, good. Donít you think it is about time? When are you going to act, if not now, when, if not you, who? Simply make your decision now to survive, then start doing it. What you are doing now is not surviving, it is killing you. Clean up your environment, start sharing the wealth equitably, stop populating out of control and manage affirmatively, AND STOP FIGHTING. The enemy is not staring you in the face, it is you. While you are defending your home fronts, the real enemy within you is preparing a massive attack to exterminate you. Itís coming from within, and you are defenceless against it. Choose life, live long and prosper. Get it  out of your head that there are a chosen few. That is your ego talking, THERE ARE NO CHOSEN FEW, you are all going down together en mass. When itís time to remove the cancer, it all has to go, "ALL OF IT."

   The only hope you have left, is your immediate decision to reverse your circumstances, to make what ever adjustments you must for survival, and it must be done en mass. Your voice, your action is where it starts and ends. It is the only place where it will happen, do not look for others to make the first step. Give generously till it hurts. Give your time and resources, give as though you were fighting for you life, or for the ones you love, because that is exactly what you are doing. Do not be concerned whether anyone else is doing it or not. Do not take your attention away from your goal, do not look back, lest you trip and fall. Run for dear life. The hounds are on your trail. Your actions will automatically cause others to get involved. Build the arch and others will want to join in. Do not be concerned about the jackals that will laugh. They will not survive. Build your arch to house as many as possible, built it to include all. The rains have already started, YOU ARE OUT OF TIME, for thinking about it. THE DEBATE IS OVER, there is "NO VOTE," there is only time for affirmative action, there is only time for survival.


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