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Early one morning I sat down at the kitchen table with a paper and pen waiting to start writing something, anything. I had very little writing experience except for what I had done in school, so I was very apprehensive about writing things I knew nothing about. Joseth weaned me about a year later and I started writing in my own name. I don't know who Joseth is, but that is how he identified himself to me. These are his articles with only dates. A few of the later ones have titles. I have not added anything, and have made few corrections. The articles are raw and presented as-is!





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July 2003

   I have not made any effort to write this, it is being channelled through me to you. You are now in a state of awareness that is defined as enlightenment. Your effort to control what you are feeling is futile, and furthermore it is not necessary. We are all working together to let this information speak to the people of the earth.

   Know this, I come to glorify you not judge you, You are perfect the way you are. You are in a state of grace, exploring the universe, re-creating yourself. Discovering over again who you really are. There is nothing you can do that would make me angry. I will not punish you, you are my children, I love you. You are reacting to your environment. How you react is perfect for you, considering the model of your world. You have created a world that is reflective of you inner thoughts. How can there be anything wrong with that. I am not here to tell you what to do. I praise you for your courage in coming into the physical world. You are recreating my existence one lifetime at a time. I can begin to know myself only through you. Help me now by knowing that we are one. Know yourself as me, I am with you always in everything that is around you. I am the air that you breath, the love that you feel. There is nothing that I am not. Know me as you, realize that you are but a small portion of who I am, we are eternally connected. I have allowed myself to forget who I am in your form, so that I would go on experiencing the wonder of creation, through you. Strive always for perfection in your creations. You are perfect. We will be back together soon. Donít be in such a hurry, focus on your trip. Though you will be with me again, you will again crave to return to your individuality. Know now then, that we are already together. Know that you are already God.

   You can maintain your individuality and feel my presence at the same time. Be one with yourself, be attuned with what you are inside. Use me, use your power to create what you desire. Explore the universe, it is your play ground. You do not need permission. You created it through me. You cannot be harmed.

   Donít get too attached to your physical bodies. They are purposeful, but they are expendable. Use them, take care of them, when you are finished with them you shall have another, and another. These bodies are your tickets to the physical world. They allow you admission into the greatest show on earth. Manifest all that you can think of. Donít hold back. Let me help you. Call upon me in your dreams in your quiet times. Commune with me, I am your best friend. I give you life and permission to be as you are. I have no demands of you, that is why I have given you free will. How could I punish you if I have told you, that you can have or do anything, that you desire? How would punishment fit into the realm of free will? I NEVER PUNISH, only man does that. It is natural in the Kingdom of God, for all to move into perfection, to come back to me as perfect. That is the only way back. You are not perfect where you are now, and you were never meant to be. You are in the world of imperfection, and  at a higher level it is absolutely perfect. You could not exist in the physical world as perfect. You are perfect being not perfect. This you will experience in the physical world. Donít despair, it will make sense to you later if it does not now.

   Learn to use your powers wisely to glorify me, yourself, for the betterment of all. Remember there is no place to go. You are already there, where you say you want to be. Your life exists, in endless dimensions, that all exist at the same time in the same place, in different levels of consciousness. None better than the other, all being perfect at there space in time.

   You have chosen the perfect body, the perfect parents and circumstances of your life to experience that which you chose to experience before your birth. Know that you have already experienced that which you now experience, only now you are recreating it differently. You have been rich, you have been poor, you have been a killer and a giver of life, you have been king and popper. You have and you will experience all that there is to experience, and always by free choice. What you are experiencing now, is what you chose at some level. You do not have to languish over it, you can change it in a heart beat. It is just a easy to choose another way as it was to choose the one you now have, if you decide to do so. You live in a world of probabilities and options. Your ego is aware of this at some level, and it fears change, it fears for itís own existence, yet change is the only constant in the universe, it is its salvation a guaranty of continuance. It does not die when the body does. It will however, die without change. Learn to be comfortable with life and even more so with your physical death. Understand that it is a re-birth into another dimension or life cycle, another run on the ladder. Another step in the walk of a thousand steps.

   Look forward to every passing, as a graduation into another level of experience. But know this also, there is no escape, you cannot run away from yourself. The essence of who you are goes with you. There is nothing so bad in your life that you can not change it. You are here not to learn, but to experience. You are here to change things, change your life, change you environment, change your circumstances, and all for the better, for yourself and mankind.

   If love does not come your way, simple know that you are loved, and you will find love. If you are poor, know yourself as rich, and you will find abundance. If you are unhappy, simply know yourself as happy and happiness will find you.

   With all that you desire, simple know that you have it and it will find you, because it is you that is creating it, not something outside of yourself. Give yourself back to yourself. Love yourself as I would love you. Live, and live prosperously. That is the best way that you can glorify me. That is your inheritance, take it, for the Love of God.

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